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Isuzu Water Bowser Tank Trucks (also called as water tank truck ISUZU, water bowser, Sprinkling truck, water lorry, water car, water spray truck, potable water tanker), This type Isuzu water spray trucks is used to transport and supply water, whatever industrial or agriculture water, widely used in construction engineering, farm irrigation, etc.


Water tank truck further Water tank volume from 3 to 30 Cubic Meter & 360 ° sprinkling

Water tank truck further Multiple usage like greening trees, road washing, fire fighting, medicine spraying, dust pressing

Water tank truck further Phosphating ensure it with function of anti-corrosion and anti-rust

Water tank truck further Water absorption pipes and pump make the water absorbing convenient

Water trucks isuzu elf 5,000L
 water bowser truck isuzu 5000L  Water Tanker Truck Isuzu  Water Bowser Isuzu

Water Trucks Isuzu ELF




 Water bowser ISUZU


 Water bowser trucks Isuzu FTR water tanker trucks  water cart Isuzu 14000L  water tanker truck isuzu 20000L  

Water Cart Isuzu



 Powerstar brand Water jetting trucks Isuzu  Water high pressure jetting vehicle Isuzu  Combination Jetting Vacuum vehicle ISUZUZ combined jetting truck  

 Water Jetting Truck Isuzu

(Italy pump)

High-Pressure Jetting Vehicle

(Italy Pump)

 Combination Vehicle Isuzu

(Vacuum + Jetting)



China Supplier Isuzu 4x2 Water Bowser Truck

Isuzu water bowser truck FTR 4x2 14000L water tank truck

Isuzu 190hp 4X2 15cbm water tank truck,water bowser,water truck, Isuzu Water Bowser with High Pressure Front Flushing, Isuzu 15m3 water bowser,4*2 water bowser truck for sale

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Powerstar water bowser Isuzu Sprinkling truck for sale

Water Spray Bowser Isuzu 5cbm

Isuzu 4x2 5cbm water tank truck for sale, Water bowser Isuzu sprinkler tank truck with water spray system

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Low price Isuzu Water Tank Trucks For Sale

Isuzu Water Trucks 5,000L

Water Tank Trucks For Sale, Isuzu Elf Water Tank Truck,Water Tanks and Water Trucks,water tanker truck, truck mounted water tank,STAINLESS STEEL WATER BOWSER AND WATER Tankers

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Road Cleaning truck isuzu water spraying trucks

Spraying Truck ISUZU Water Tanker Trucks

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