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8tons FVR Isuzu fire truck with smoke evacuation system

ISUZU Fire Truck vehicle-mounted Emergency rescue Smoke Ventilator


FVR Isuzu fire truck with smoke evacuation system

FVR Isuzu fire truck with smoke evacuation system



ISUZU: FVR34J2(8T ISUZU),Double Cab,191kW,wheelbase:two shaft:4500mm                 
Light Mast System: Ground height≥8m,Working Cycle time<500s,level rotation time<180s,Level rotation angle;-175°to +175°,Elevation angle≥+30°,Depression angle≤-90°,Elevation and Depression time≤120s.
Lighting lamp: main Lighting lamp12×1500W, remove Lighting lamp:4×400w         
Large positive pressure Smoke Ventilation system:  FIRE ZT19,Fan height:3m,Fan speed:1800r/min,air volume:40000m3/h,lifting height:390mm+240mm,Water displacement:228L/min,water fire truck or hand pump for water supply,Line interface:Φ65mm hose coupling,Fan reliability continuous operation time:4h,rotation angle:-90°~+90°,Elevation and Depression angle:-11°~+11
Positive and negative pressure electric mobile smoke ventilator: EFC120,power:1.2p,QTY:4pcs,One-way 220V AC motor,weight:21kg,Smoke Ventilation rate:10838m3/hr,smoke inlet pipe:4.6m,Fan blade:400×17mm,Volume:480×460×305mm
Mobile type rapid conversion of the positive and negative
piezoelectric driving smoke machine:
UB20,QTY:4PCS,motor type,displacement:1666m3/hr,weight:7.3kg,Wind pipe:8 Inch、length:5m,Dimension:36×31×33cm,Material of high strength plastic shell.
Vehicle generator: power:75kW,380/220V,Electric control box is provided with the dustproof, waterproof,short circuit and earth leakage protection device.
Overall Dimension: 8170×2500×3520mm




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