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5Ton ISUZU Garbage Truck with Compactor

5 Ton ISUZU Garbage Truck with Compactor

The 5 ton garbage truck with compactor is developed with a ISUZU NKR car body and 1092 rear axle.
1. The rubbish compactor garbage truck can be both manually and electrically controlled from inside or outside the cab with an imported multiport valve.
2. A built-in back pressure valve allows for bidirectional compaction, controlled by hydraulics.
3. Square or round garbage cans can be dumped into the manipulator. A trash hopper is also available.
4. Two 240L square garbage cans can be hung on the 5 ton garbage truck as the feeding device has a large volume for trash.
5. The overturn speed of the manipulator can be easily adjusted with a throttle valve.
6. Two large-volume sewage tanks are installed at the front and back of the 5 ton garbage truck. With the backflow sewage collection device, sewage enters the tanks automatically while a corrosion-resistant rubber seal reduces the chance or leaking during transport.
7. The connection between the carriage and the rear rubbish feeder is sealed with corrosion-resistant rubber to prevent sewage leakage. The self-locking feeder is controlled by hydraulics.
8. The bidirectional hydraulic lock is installed on the lifting system for safe usage.

Technical Parameters of Sanitation Garbage Truck

Chassis ISUZU NKR77
Model PT5070ZYS
Driving Type 4×2    (Left hand drive)
Wheelbase 3360 mm
Overall Dimension 6130×1980×2485 mm
Garbage Container capacity 3Cbm to 5Cbm
Loading type Rear loading
Compression ratio 1: 3.2
Operation control system Electrically hydraulic control + Manual hydraulic control
Discharging system Horizontal ejection
Loading cycle time:   (sec) 10~15
Rubbish discharging time: (sec) 20
Max hydraulic pressure (Mpa) 16.2
Feeding equipment lift angle ≥90
Multi-way shuttle valve Imported
Body material Weather resisting steel
Cab Forward control over engine, all-steel-welded construction
Engine Model: 4KH1-TCG40
Type: Diesel, turbo charged inter-cooled, 4 cylinder
Max. Power: 88 KW (120HP)
Gearbox MSB 5-shift, mechanical type, 5 forward and 1 reverse with
Tire 7.00-16
Color Red    (Any color & logos up to wish)
Max Speed 100 km/h

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