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Food Waste Collection Truck ISUZU 5000L

The ISUZU food waste collection truck is particularly equipped to handle food waste so that food is properly disposed of and processed and so that the production of illegal cooking oil is reduced.

ISUZU food waste collection truck

1. The isuzu kitchen garbage truck is made using a ISUZU NKR car body and has a wide and comfortable interior with good visibility for long driving. Air conditioning is optional.
2. The specially designed chassis and 120HP pressure intercooling engine for the Food Waste Collection Truck comes from ISUZU Company.
3. The food waste collection truck has multi-speed transmission and high fuel-efficiency.
4. The speed of the automatic lifting system can be adjusted. This closed garbage truck can handle both 120L and 240L garbage cans.
5. An interlocking protection device controlled electronically is imported from Japan and ensures safe operation.

Technical Parameters

Item unit parameter
Vehicle model food waste Truck
Chassis model ISUZU NKR
Overall dimensions mm 5995×2000×2550
Fact cubage M3 3
Mass in working order kg Appro×4385
Body internal dimensions mm 3000×1050
Wheel base 3300
F/R track base 1506/1466
Approach/departure angle ° 19/14
Exhaust/kw ml/kw 3856/70
Max speed km/h 90
Tire specification 7.00-16 Engine type 4KH1-TCG40
Traction system 4×2 transmission 5-speed with over drive
Number of axles 2 Electric system 12v
Operation control system Electrically hydraulic control Allowable passengers in cab 2,,3
Equipment power take off, transmission shaft, high pressure sewage tank, pipe network, sewage pipe for observing and cleanout equipment
Engine Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co.Ltd
Production cycle 15-20 days
Warranty 12 month,from the date of supply
FOB Shanghai USD