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5 Cubic Meter Vacuum Truck ISUZU


ISUZU vacuum truck

The 5 cubic meter ISUZU vacuum truck has a specially designed chassis from ISUZU., and a sewage container, vacuum pump, four-way valve, and spill-proof valve. The waste pump has a powerful suction force and long suction stroke.

This Sewer Jetting Vacuum Truck works particularly well for sucking, transporting and disposing of waste. The 5 cubic meter vacuum truck can also be used for watering, water transporting, firefighting, or drought relieving.

1. With a suction stroke of 10m, it only takes about 5 minutes to fill the container.

  1. Waste can be disposed using pressure or gravity. Additionally, the back cover can be opened to unload waste.
  2. This multifunctional vacuum truck is fast and convenience to operate. Besides direct filling, automatic loading and unloading are also available.
  3. The 5 cubic meter vacuum truck is composed of a power takeoff, transmission shaft, vacuum sewage suction pump, waste and gas separator, oil and gas separator, multiple directional control valve, pipes, suspender, and suction gun.
  4. The 5 cubic meter vacuum truck comes with a vacuum manometer, sewage inspection window (pipe) and hand washing device.
  5. The container has the following features:a. The container can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel, based on the customers’ needs.b. The 5 cubic meter vacuum truck has uniform width and thickness and tested welded joints.c. With the vacuum manometer, it only takes about 3 minutes to load waste.

    d. The suction depth is more than 4 meters and disposal is less than 3 minutes.

    e. The working pressure of the hydraulic system is 0.4Kpa and the pumping speed is 56L/s.

    f. Both automatic disposal and manual disposal are available.



Technical Parameters

Model PT5070JGK
Driving Type 4×2    (Left hand drive)
Wheelbase 3360 mm
Engine 88 kw (120hp)
Vacuum Tank Tank shape Cylinder
Material Carbon Steel
Dirty water tank 3000 ~5000  Liters
Thickness 5 mm
Dish thickness 5 mm
Designed pressure -0.9 bar
Strengthen ring Cool bended U shape, add the strengthen ring on the tank our circle
Over Pressure device Fixed on the top of the tank
Vacuum valve For keeping the tank’s inside vacuum
Safety support fix with safety valve during working
Rear Cover Operation Opened by hydraulic
Lock device Manual locking device
Seal Rigidity and manual synthetic rubber seal rings
Water discharge valve one way 100mm ball valve
Vacuum Pump Model As option
Working pressure 400 Pa
Flow rate 45 L/s
Color As option

With the size of 3300×1310mm (Dia. ×L), the effective volume of the container for liquid sewage is 4.25 cubic meters. The density of the sewage shall be 900kg/m3. Boteld to the vehicle, the side and back protection device is made of Q235 carbon structural steel. 420mm high from ground, the sectional dimension of the back protection device is 100×50mm.