Vacuum Trucks Help in Unexpected Ways

One of the best ways to keep ahead of the competition in the vacuum truck industry is to have a diverse array of services that branch out into areas other than the typical septic tank pumping. Many companies have been able to achieve great diversification by offering their services to other industries such as mining, construction and any others that require digging.


Another interesting option that is not often thought of is to work with any local Fire Rescue Tank Trucks and rescue teams by keeping pumper trucks available for assisting recovery missions involved with the trenching industry, something at which vacuum trucks are very good. This idea may not be an obvious one; however, having one of these vehicles available for a rescue job can actually end up being a literal lifesaver.


Safer Trenching

Whether digging and emptying ditches or evacuating water and dirt from existing ones, trenching with suction and air is a great deal safer than doing it with other digging equipment. This is a fact that many construction companies have known for a while, which is why vacuum trucks are frequently called upon to complete this task of locating buried utility lines or sewer pipes.

In addition to this work, vacuum trucks make cleaning out ditches that are littered with soil and water so much easier, a task that can be very difficult to keep under control with other types of tools. In this same context, fire and rescue workers have now started bringing vacuum trucks to many Emergency Rescue Vehicle Fire Truck sites under certain situations in order to clear and maintain all of the space required to carry out precarious extrication missions.


Trench Rescue

Trenching accidents may not happen frequently; however, when such a tragic event happens there is usually with some type of life threatening situation. Getting a victim unburied and out of the ditch as quickly as possible is essential; the weight of the collapsed soil as well as its cold temperature and even Water Foam Fire Vehicle Supplier into deep trenches can negatively impact a victim’s life. This rescue process has normally involved digging with shovels and hand tools, a job that is both tiring for rescuers, time-consuming, and creates even more of a probability for further ground collapse or even structural problems with the trench itself.


Fire and rescue personnel working with skilled vacuum truck operators are more efficient in the digging process, which can only serve to keep the trench recovery safer throughout the entire process. Evacuating debris and soil that has to be removed to reach a victim is much faster and easier without a doubt. When there is standing water or water that seeps up from the ground or runs into the ditch from above, these pumping machines can be lifesavers in keeping that water away from a victim. The most important feature of all is that this work is done from above the channel, out-of-the-way of more danger; however, there is limited space around the site and many times rescuers cannot reach down into the trench very easily.

Combined Sewer Jetting Vacuum Truck

Incorporating vacuum trucks into underground rescues has become more of a common practice – and with good reason. Vehicle operators are able to take instructions from rescue crews and fully understand the severity of the different situations. The addition of such skills can definitely enhance the safety and efficiency of any recovery operation. Planning ahead of time for the inclusion of such a helpful heavy-duty vehicle in trench recoveries should be done; some practice runs with local rescue personnel would be even better. After some mutual preparation, it is usually easy to see that vacuum trucks should be a part of almost every type of underground victim liberation!