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Fuel tanker truck body kit  (also called as Fuel bowser super structure, oil tank truck body kit, Oil dispenser tank up structure, customer fuel bowser tank kit, Mobile oil tank kit)  Fuel tank truck refers to the vehicle that loading and transporting of gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricating oil, and other liquid fuel, etc. It is mainly composed of oil tank, oil pump, flow meter, refueling gun, filling mouth, fuel release valve, manhole covers, oil hose, chain etc. 

Just show us your truck chassis infomation, Powerstar trucks will produce the most suitable oil tanker truck super structure for your local chassis, we can even go to your site install the body kit.

Advantage of Sewage vacuum tank truck Up-structure:

 1,  Short Delivery time:  5~10 days.

 2,  Save freight:  Body kit can be put in 20FT or 40FT container

 3,   Right-hand drive chassis also available.

 4,   Low TAX for importing.

 5,   Install manual and Video available.

 6,   Go to your side install base on huge order.

Japanese brand Isuzu chassis 3000 Litres fuel tank truck

Refueling truck Isuzu oil tanker

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