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Hot Sale Isuzu Truck Mady by Powerstar trucks! As the most professional Isuzu special truck supplier of china, all type Garbage compactor trucks Isuzu, Road sweeper trucks Isuzu, Fuel tanker trucks Isuzu, Water tank trucks Isuzu, with the best performance and reasonable price.

All our Isuzu trucks are manufactured and designed by Powerstar and can be customized to your specific needs.


Garbage compactor recyling truck up structure Hydraulic pressed garbage truck  Refuse compactor trucks Isuzu rubbish compactor trucks  industrial garbage compactor truck Isuzu Garbae collection equipment, 

Hydraulic Compactor System

(Install your own chassis)

 Rubbish Vehicle Isuzu

(10 CBM)

 Vacuum Road Sweeper Kit system  Isuzu multi functional road sweeper by powerstar trucks  Industrial Road sweeper Isuzu Environment sweeper truck  Hydraulic road sweeper machine Isuzu Brush road sweeper

 Dustbin Road Sweeper Kits

(Install your own chassis)

 Street Sweeper Isuzu

4m3Dustbin + 1m3 Water

 Road Sweeper Isuzu

5m3Dustbin + 1.5m3 Water

 Vacuum Sweeper Isuzu

7m3Dustbin + 2m3 Water

 ISUZU Fuel Tank Truck ELF 5CBM Oil tanker Truck for sale  Fuel Refuelling Truck Isuzu Refueller Tank Truck  ISUZU Fuel/Oil/Gasoline/Disel Tank Truck for sale  ISUZU/Japan Isuzu Fuel Bowser Truck for Sale

 Oil Tanker Isuzu

3,000 L

Fuel Tanker Isuzu

5,000 L

 Refueling Tanker Isuzu

10,000 L

 Fuel Bowser Isuzu

15,000 L

 water tank truck Isuzu water sray truck for sale  water transport truck Isuzu water hauling truck  Powerstar brand water sprinkler Isuzu water spray truck  water tank lorry Isuzu mobile water truck for export

Water Tanker Isuzu


Water Spray Truck Isuzu



 Water Bowser Isuzu

20 CBM

Sewage Vacuum Truck Dongfeng sewer cleaning truck

Right hand drive Sewage cleaner Dongfeng Vacuum Tank trucks

sewer cleaning truck, sewage tanker, sewer truck, cesspit emptier, gully emptier, vacuum truck, gully emptier, waste vacuum tanker, vacuum tanker, sewage truck

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4x2 10000L vacuum truck for sewage or septic sucking and sewer unblocking

10,000Liter Ecuador custom Isuzu Brand Sludge Tanker Trucks

3000L JAPAN ISUZU 4x2 Tanker Truck with Vacuum Pump,vacuum sewage truck,sewage suction truck 12000 L JAPAN ISUZU HOWO 4X2 vacuum suction tank truck (LHD & RHD), RHD 4x2 12000L 12000liter 12M3 12 cubic meters sewage sucking truck,SHACMAN AOLONG sewage suction truck 12T 4x2 vacuum truck,6X4 Sewage Tank Truck,Special Price! 10m3 Vacuum Tank Sewage SuctionTruck,3000L JAPAN ISUZU 4X2 Vacuum Sewage Truck,Heavy Vacuum Tank Truck,4*2 JAPAN ISUZU Sewage Suction Truck 6 WheelSewage Suction Truck 6000liters Sewage Suction

Hot Tags  :  4x2 10000L vacuum truck for sewage or septic sucking and sewer unblocking 10,000Liter Isuzu Brand Sludge Tanker Trucks isuzu 10T Vacuum Sludge Sucking Truck

JAPAN 14,000Liter FVR FVZ Isuzu Truck Mounted Vacuum Suction Truck

14,000Liter Uganda FVR FVZ Isuzu Truck Mounted Vacuum Suction Truck

Foton Mini Sewage Suction Truck with 2000L TankCapacity,3000L Forland 4X2 Vacuum Fecal Suction TankerTruck,China 4X2 ISUZU Sewage Suction Truck 5cbmSewage Truck,20000L JAPAN ISUZU HOWO 6X4 Sewage SuctionTanker Truck,Heavy Duty 4*2 6000liters Shacman Sewage SuctionTruck,Vacuum Sewage Suction Tank Truck Sewer Cleaner Semi Trailer,20000L Vacuum Sewage Tank Truck Factory Sale,JAPAN ISUZU 6X6 off Road Military Standard All Wheel Drive Vacuum Sewage Tank Truck Factory

Hot Tags  :  14,000Liter FVR FVZ Isuzu Truck Mounted Vacuum Suction Truck Sewage Vacuum Truck FACOTRY ISUZU High pressure vacuum suction truck

14,000Liter Isuzu Truck Mounted Vacuum Suction Truck  new 18,000Liter Isuzu Truck Mounted Vacuum Suction Truck

18,000Liter Congo Heavy duty Vacuum Loader Vehicle Isuzu

10 Cbm Sewage Suction Truck 10 Cbm SewageTanker Truck,Heavy Duty Factory Direct Sell 4*2 Shacman SewageSuction Truck,Heavy Duty 4X2 8000L Foton Vacuum Sewage/Fecal Suction Truck  6*4 Vaccume Sewage Suction Truck 6*4,6 Wheels JAPAN ISUZU Sewage Suction Truck, Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck,4X2 Cummins 180HP JAPAN ISUZU High PressureSewage Suction Truck JAPAN ISUZU 4*2 7-10cbm Cleaning Sewage SuctionTruck, Fecal Suction Trucks

Hot Tags  :  new 14,000Liter Isuzu Truck Mounted Vacuum Suction Truck ISuzu 4x2 vacuum sanitary sewer truck Isuzu vacuum tanker truck,vacuum pump truck

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