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ISUZU GIGA Dumper/Tipper truck (also called  ISUZU Heavy Tipper truck, Dump tipper, Lorry, Sand dump truck, Front dump tipper truck, Diesel tipper truck) is a special truck for loading, shifting and off-loading materials around a building site

Giga dump truck is equipped with an dump body, which is hinged at the rear and equipped with hydraulic pistons to lift the front. Or hinged at side with hydraulic pistons to lift the side.

Powerstar Trucks can provide durable dump truck from 3tons to 80Tons, drive type can be 4x2,4x4,6x4, 6x6, 8x4 and so on.



ISUZU GIGA 6x4 10wheelers Dump Truck Tippers  ISUZU FVR Dump Tipper Trucks ISUZU 600P NKR mini dump truck


(6x4 350hp)

ISUZU ELF/700P/NPR 4x4 mini dump truck for sale  
Isuzu GIGA 6x4 10 wheelers Cement Concrete Mixer Truck for sale  

ISUZU 700P 4X4 Dump truck

(4x4 all-drive 190hp)

ISUZU GIGA 10CBM Cement Mixer

(6x4 380hp)


ISUZU GIGA Oil Transportation Tank trucks ISUZU GIGA water bowser

ISUZU GIGA Oil Tank Lorry


ISUZU GIGA Water Tank Lorry


ISUZU GIGA Excavator carrier self loader for sale

ISUZU GIGA Self Loader Excavator Carrier Flatbed trucks for Machinery

isuzu giga 20 tons 6x4 6 wheels low flat bed excavator carrier flat plate transport truck

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philippines ISUZU 5 ton 4x4 mini dump tipper truck for sale

ISUZU ELF/700P/NPR 4x4 mini dump truck for sale

Japan ISUZU brand new ISUZU all wheel drive dump truck/forland 4x4 dump truck/4x4 mini dump truck

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