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ISUZU fuel tank trucks (also called as oil tanker truck, Fuel transport tank vehicle, Petrol tanker, Diesel dispensing truck, Gasoline refueling tanker, Fuel transport truck) are used for tranpsort fuel, oil, diesel, gasoline, kerosene and so on. 

Our oil tanker trucks primary uses include delivering fuel to home and commercial buildings for heating, gas stations, equipment and machinery refueling, vehicles, and aviation refueling.

Powerstar Trucks provide fuel tankers with capacity from 3,000L to 35,000L.

japan HINO Diesel Oil Transporter Capacity Fuel Tank Tanker Truck For Sale

HINO Oil Fuel Tanker Trucks

GAC HINO Manufacturer HINO700 6x4 20CBM Fuel Tank Truck

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Custom build 5000-20000L Hino Fuel Transport Fuel Tank Truck for Sale

Custom Fuel Bowser Hino Oil tank trucks for sale

Hino 8X4 25000 Liters Fuel Refuelling Truck, Refueller Tank Truck hino Fuel Transportation Vehicles Fuel Tank Truck Diesel, 6X4 Driving Type Fuel Tank Truck/ Oil Tank Truck with Hino chassis

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