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 ISUZU GIGA Trucks (also called as ISUZU GIGA Fire Fighting Truck, ISUZU GIGA Prime mover, GIGA Tractor truck, GIGA Manlifter, GIGA dump truck, GIGA concrete mixer truck, GIGA water tank trucks, ISUZU GIGA Fuel oil tanker trucks ) it the latest ISUZU truck model, with best high performance engine and nice cabin, more and more popular show in the world.


ISUZU GIGA 6x4 10wheelers Dump Truck Tippers  ISUZU Prime mover tractor head trucks Isuzu giga water tanker trucks for sale 


(30 tons)

Isuzu giga water foam fire fighting trucks for sale  Isuzu GIGA heavy duty fire engine tender Isuzu GIGA 6x4 10 wheelers Cement Concrete Mixer Truck for sale


(6x4 380hp)

ISUZU GIGA Foam Fire engine

(8x4 380hp)

ISUZU GIGA 10CBM Cement Mixer

(6x4 380hp)


 ISUZU GIGA Manlifter aerial platform trucks  japan ISUZU GIGA Oil Tank Truck/fuel Tanker/gasoline Tanker  Isuzu GIGA compression garbage trucks

ISUZU GIGA Manlifter

(16 M)

ISUZU GIGA Fuel Tanker Truck


GIGA Compression Garbage Truck

(14 cbm)

 ISUZU GIGA Excavator Carrier Flatbed Cargo Truck    

ISUZU GIGA Excavator Carrier

(25 Tons)


Japan ISUZU GIGA 6x4 heavy10 wheel wheeler 380 420 460 horse power tractor head prime mover

GIGA ISUZU 6UZ1-TCG50 6x4 truck head prime mover truck for sale

Best price ISUZU GIGA6X4 Tractor Head/Prime Mover, Isuzu GIGA Port Terminal Tractor Head Truck, Trailer Head Truck, 

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Sale Fire Tender Truck ISUZU GIGA Water Foam Fire Trucks

GIGA Isuzu Water Foam Fire fighting trucks for sale

japanese Chassis ISUZU GIGA 8000Liters Foam fire fighting truck, fire-extinguishing foam tanker

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New isuzu 6x4 GIGA Tractor Truck Prime Mover And Tractor Trucks For Sale

ISUZU 6x4 Prime Mover GIGA 460HP 10 wheeler tractor truck VC61

Isuzu tractor head truck prime mover for sale, Top quality ISUZU GIGA VC61 Prime Mover/Tractor Truck, 6*4 Tractor Prime Movers, Truck Head ISUZU GIGA 460HP power,460hp tractor truck 6x4 head truck ISUZU GIGA trailer prime mover

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