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Powerstar Trucks As a special truck body kit manufacturer in China with decades of experience, is able to produce various kinds of special purpose trucks to suit customers' specific needs. Our typical products include Garbage compactor body kit, Road sweeper body kit, Vacuum tanker body kit, Transit mixer drum kit, Tipper hydraulic system body kit, Wrecker truck body structure and so on. These products are widely used in the construction, chemical, transportation, energy, and other industries.

Apart from special trucks, we also manufacture tractor unit, dump trucks and cargo trucks. Known for their reliable performance, low fuel consumption and high durability, our products are sought after by customers in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, and South America.



  Brand new Truck body kit
  Any chassis brand available
  Short delivery time 5~7 days
  Worldwide shipping
  100% custom-made,
  12 months Free spare parts
  Local install in customer workshop

* And more...... 


Street road sweeper body super structure body kit Garbage compactor body kit  Concrete mixer truck drum tank kit 

Sweeper truck body kit

5 m3

8 m3

8 m3

 ISUZU Vacuum Sewage suction tanker truck body kit Recovery truck up structure  Isuzu heavy dump truck tipper vehicle hydraulic cylinder assembly 

Sewage Tanker up structure


Recovery Wrecker Body kit

40 Tons

Tipper lifting system

25 tons