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Russia ISUZU VC61 15 ton freezer van truck

ISUZU FVR 15 ton refrigerated box truck
ISUZU FVR 15 ton refrigerated box truck
ISUZU FVR 15 ton refrigerated box truck
ISUZU FVR 15 ton refrigerated box truck
ISUZU FVR 15 ton refrigerated box truck
ISUZU FVR 15 ton refrigerated box truck
ISUZU FVR 15 ton refrigerated box truck
ISUZU FVR 15 ton refrigerated box truck
ISUZU FVR 15 ton refrigerated box truck
ISUZU FVR 15 ton refrigerated box truck

Russia ISUZU VC61 15 ton freezer van truck

The Isuzu FVR 15-ton refrigerated truck is a highly efficient transportation vehicle specifically designed for cold chain logistics. It combines the superior performance of the Isuzu FVR with the efficient cooling capacity of the Carrier CITIMAX 700 refrigeration unit, providing an ideal transportation solution for food, pharmaceuticals, and other goods that require low-temperature storage.

  • Work capacity:

    15 ton
  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

    240 HP
  • Engine type:

  • Axle drive:

  • Gear box:

    FAST 8-speed
  • Remarks:

    ISUZU VC61 cabin, Carrier CITIMAX 700 refrigeration unit

The Isuzu FVR 15-ton refrigerated truck is a vehicle specifically designed for long-distance cold chain transportation, featuring excellent transportation capacity and stability. It is equipped with an Isuzu 240HP 6-cylinder engine, providing robust and stable power output to ensure efficient transportation efficiency under various road conditions.

This Isuzu refrigerated truck is paired with the Carrier CITIMAX 700 refrigeration unit, capable of precisely controlling the temperature inside the vehicle to meet the refrigeration needs of different goods. The Carrier CITIMAX 700 refrigeration unit is a well-known refrigeration equipment in the industry, renowned for its excellent cooling effect and temperature control ability. This unit adopts advanced refrigeration technology and an efficient cooling system, able to quickly reduce the temperature inside the vehicle and maintain stability, ensuring that the goods remain in the optimal temperature state during transportation. In addition, the unit also has an intelligent control system that can automatically adjust the refrigeration power based on the internal temperature and cargo type, achieving energy savings and consumption reduction.


The cargo box is one of the key parts of the refrigerated truck, directly affecting the storage and transportation effect of the goods. The cargo box of the Isuzu FVR freezer truck adopts a double-layer insulation design, with the inner layer made of stainless steel material for easy cleaning and disinfection, and the outer layer filled with insulation material to effectively isolate external heat and cold air. The cargo box is also equipped with a temperature recorder and alarm system, capable of monitoring the internal temperature in real-time and issuing alarm signals to ensure the safety and quality of the goods during transportation.


Product Specifications

Chassis Description


ISUZU VC61 single cab with power steering, ABS, A/C



Allowable person in cab


Wheel base (mm)


Number of axles


Front axle


Rear axle


Traction system


Tire specification


Tire quantity


Engine Description

Fuel Type


Engine model


Emission standard

Euro 6


7790 ml

Horse power


Upper Body Description

Van box dimension(mm)


Material of van box

Glass fiber reinforced plastics

Insulation thickness(mm)


Refrigeration unit



Dependent unit

Temperature setting range


Refrigerant Type


Refrigerant Filling quantity (kg)


Compressor Model

Carrier 210

Air volume (m3/h)



Performance Characteristics

1. High-efficiency cooling: The Carrier CITIMAX 700 refrigeration unit boasts excellent cooling performance, capable of reducing the temperature inside the cargo compartment to the set value in a short time and maintaining stability for a long period.

2. Energy conservation and environmental protection: The Isuzu 240HP 6-cylinder engine employs advanced fuel injection technology and emission control systems, featuring low fuel consumption, low emissions, and meeting environmental protection requirements.

3. Strong stability: The chassis of the Isuzu FVR has undergone careful design and optimization, boasting good stability and maneuverability, ensuring smooth operation even under complex road conditions.

4. User-friendly design: The vehicle takes into full consideration the comfort and convenience of the driver in its design. Features such as a spacious cab, comfortable seats, and a user-friendly operating interface allow the driver to maintain a relaxed and pleasant mood during long-distance driving.


Isuzu FVR refrigerated truck loading precautions

When loading the Isuzu FVR refrigerated truck, in order to ensure the quality and safety of the cargo, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

1. Pre-cooling or Pre-heating: Before loading, the cargo box of ISUZU FVR freezer truck must be pre-cooled or pre-heated, usually for about 1.5 hours. This is to eliminate heat or moisture from the inside of the compartment and provide an appropriate temperature environment for the cargo.

2. Shut Down the Refrigeration Unit: The refrigeration unit must be turned off during loading and unloading. If the refrigeration unit is running during loading, it may absorb heat from outside the compartment, causing the temperature inside to rise rapidly, thus affecting the quality of the cargo.

3. Keep the Box Clean: The floor of the cargo box should be kept clean to avoid any debris or dirt being sucked into the evaporator fan. Long-term accumulation of impurities may affect the cooling effect of the refrigeration unit.

4. Proper Packaging: The packaging of the cargo is crucial for protecting its quality. Suitable packaging methods should be selected based on the nature of the cargo. For example, frozen cargo should be packed in non-ventilated boxes, while fresh items require good ventilation to avoid spoilage.

5. Proper Stacking: The cargo should be stacked reasonably in the box of ISUZU freezer van, avoiding piling too high. The height of the cargo should not exceed the plane height of the air outlet to ensure normal airflow in the compartment. Meanwhile, a certain gap should be left between the cargo and the roof panel (60-80mm), and the floor should have a clearance of 200mm. This allows cold air to circulate normally.

6. Use Pallets: It is recommended to use pallets for loading, keeping the cargo a certain distance (60-80mm) from the front and side panels of the ISUZU refrigerated box truck. The clearance from the bottom panel should be 200mm. This ensures that the ground cold air can circulate, improving the cooling effect.

7. Inspect the Vehicle: Before loading, conduct a thorough inspection of the ISUZU reefer box truck, including tire pressure, water, electricity, and oil circuits. Pay special attention to checking if the compressor belt of the refrigeration unit is slipping or loose, as this is crucial for ensuring the normal operation of the refrigerated truck.

8. Manual Defrosting: If the required temperature for the cargo is below 4 degrees Celsius, manual defrosting should be performed during pre-cooling of the compartment. Manual defrosting can improve the refrigeration effect and speed up pre-cooling, providing a better refrigeration environment for the cargo.

9. Use of Enclosed Loading Docks: If conditions allow, it is recommended to use enclosed loading docks for loading. This reduces the exposure of the cargo to the external environment, preventing cold chain breaks. Meanwhile, the doors of the ISUZU freezer van should be minimized to reduce the entry of ambient temperature, and door curtains or air curtains can be used to block the transfer of environmental temperatures.


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