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ISUZU special purpose trucks , including Isuzu freezer trucks, Isuzu LED van trucks, Isuzu power-supply vehicle, Isuzu mobile workshop and so on.

Isuzu Freezer trucks ISUZU ELF Mobile LED Screen outdoor advertising truck
 Isuzu maintenance mobile workshop trucks

ISUZU Refrigerated Trucks

4m body

Full LED screen

Maintenance & Lubrication

 ISUZU asphalt distributor truck bitumen distribution truck  isuzu generatir power supply trucks for sale  

ISUZU Bitumen Distributor


ISUZU generator vehicle

Electricty supply

ISUZU Fresh/Frozen Food Truck

9.5m body


ISUZU Outdoor P8 advertising billboard tralier mobile led screen truck for sale

ISUZU outdoor display led advertising truck

ISUZU Brand new 3 Side P8/P6/P5/P4 Fullcolor Digital Led Mobile Billboard Advertising Truck For Sale

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Japan ISUZU Double screen with P8 screen model mobile led truck With Aluminum floor

ISUZU ELF Mobile LED Screen outdoor advertising truck

ISUZU Mobile LED screen van truck (also called  Isuzu outdoor Full color LED truck, HD LED water proof screen stage van truck, Mobile advertising LED truck, Mobile selling truck, LED Advertising display trucks )This truck is a special vehicle for advertising, generally used for the product promotion, brand promotion, draft activities , live shows sales, sporting events, vocal concerts, concerts and so on!

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Road Cleaning truck isuzu water spraying trucks

Spraying Truck ISUZU Water Tanker Trucks

potable water tanker Isuzu, drinking water tanker, stainless steel water tanker, agua potavel, drinking water tank truck, potable water tanker, ISUZU water truck,

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high quality Drummed Bitumen Decanting Machine

Mobile Drummed Bitumen Decanter barrels Asphalt Heater trailer

Bitumen decanter, Asphalt decanter,  Drummed Bitumen Decanting Machine, Drummed Asphalt Melting container, Bitumen Decanter semi trailer, Drummed bitumen decanting machine, Bitumen Drum Melter, Bitumen drummed melting equipment

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