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Dump truck hydraulic lifting system  (also called as Tipper hydraulic telescopic system, Dump truck Jack hoist cylinder kit, Rear dump truck hydraulic system, Dump truck lifting cylinders, New design hoist hydraulic lifting system, Hydraulic cylinder jack for dump truck, Hydraulic tipping system for tipper truck)

Powerstar Trucks is an experienced and professional manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders. With over 12 years' experience in manufacturing, we can produce all kinds of hydraulic cylinders which include KRM series cylinder, telescopic cylinder, small hydraulic cylinder, OEM cylinder, Gear pump, PTO, ect.. Our products can be widely used in dump truck, tipper, and trailer for Japanese truck etc.

Single-action hydraulic cylinder is our superstar product, it is recognised around the world for its good performance.


Advantage of Road sweeper truck Up-structure:

 1,  Short Delivery time:  5~10 days.

 2,  Save freight:  Body kit can be put in 20FT or 40FT container

 3,   Right-hand drive chassis also available.

 4,   Low TAX for importing.

 5,   Install manual and Video available.

 6,   Go to your side install base on huge order.


hydraulic telescopic jack system for Japan ISUZU rear dump trucks
  middle 4 stages hydraulic telescopic jack system for American rear dump trucks      

 Hydraulic Lifting System

(25-50 Tons)

Telescopic Jack System
(10-30 Tons)
5m3 + 1m3 

 Complete Sweeper Assembly

4m3 + 2m3 


Just show us your truck chassis infomation, Powerstar trucks will produce the most suitable tipper hydraculic system for your local chassis, we can even go to your site install the body kit.
25 ton 30ton dump truck hydraulic telescopic system tipper jack hoist cylinder kit

Japan dump truck Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder for sale

Power Supply Truck for generating electricity/repairing equipment/field operation, Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting System, Dump Truck Lifting system for sale

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