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Hot Sale Isuzu Truck Mady by Powerstar trucks! As the most professional Isuzu special truck supplier of china, all type Garbage compactor trucks Isuzu, Road sweeper trucks Isuzu, Fuel tanker trucks Isuzu, Water tank trucks Isuzu, with the best performance and reasonable price. All our Isuzu trucks are manufactured and designed by Powerstar and can be customized to your specific needs. refuse.        Hydraulic Compactor System (Install your own chassis) Garbage Compactor Isuzu (5 CBM) Waste Compactor Isuzu (6~8 CBM)  Rubbish Vehicle Isuzu (10 CBM)                          Dustbin Road Sweeper Kits (Install your own chassis)  Street Sweeper Isuzu 4m3Dustbin + 1m3 Water  Road Sweeper Isuzu 5m3Dustbin + 1.5m3 Water  Vacuum Sweeper Isuzu 7m3Dustbin + 2m3 Water                          Oil Tanker Isuzu 3,000 L Fuel Tanker Isuzu 5,000 L  Refueling Tanker Isuzu10,000 L  Fuel Bowser Isuzu 15,000 L                         Water Tanker Isuzu 5 CBM Water Spray Truck Isuzu 6 CBM Water Carryier Isuzu 8 CBM  Water Bowser Isuzu 20 CBM        

ISUZU Trucks More

Isuzu Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck (also called as Septic tank truck, septic suction truck, sewage vacuum tank truck, sewer cleaning truck, vacuum tanker, waster vacuum tanker, vacuum tanker, gully emptier, sewer truck, sewer truck, Isuzu Vacuum Sewer Cleaner Truck, Vacuum Pump Tank Truck, ).   Isuzu garbage compactor truck (also called as Waste compactor truck, trash compactor truck, Refuse Compactor Truck, Rubbish Compactor Truck ISUZU, Rear Compactor Garbage Truck, Solid waste compactor truck, Compression Garbage truck, Refuse collector truck, Garbage compactor) is a high efficiency vehicle which crushes, compresses and compacts collected refuse.         Garbage Compactor Kit (Install your own chassis) Refuse Compactor Structure 3~5 CBM Compressvie Garbage body set 8~10 CBM  Trash compactor Kit 16~20 CBM          Hydraulic compactor system 5 Tons  Rear Loader up structure 8 Tons Waste Loader Kits  10 Tons  Rubbish compactor Structure 15 Tons                  Compression Garbage Truck Isuzu 3~5 CBM  Garbage Compactor Isuzu 4 CBM  Waste Compactor Isuzu 5 CBM  Trash Compactor Isuzu 6 CBM               Refuse Compactor Isuzu 6~8 CBM Compactor Garbage Truck Isuzu  8 CBM  Rubbish Compactor Isuzu9 CBM  Hydraulic Rear Loaders   10 CBM               Compression Garbage Truck Isuzu 12 CBM Garbage Compactor Truck Isuzu 14 CBM Urban Rear Loaders Isuzu 18 CBM                   Compactor Garbage Truck Isuzu 3 Tons Isuzu Garbage Compactor 4 Tons Rear Loaded Garbage Truck 5 Tons  Hydraulic Garbage Compactor 6 Tons                 Back Loading Garbage Truck 7 Tons  Compressing Refuse Truck 8 Tons  Bin Lorry Isuzu 9 Tons  Rubbish Transport Vehicle 10 Tons                  Refuse Compactor Truck 12 Tons   Waste Collection Vehicle 14 Tons  Rubbish Compactor Vehicle 16~18 Tons   This 20cbm Isuzu sewer vacuum truck works particularly well for sucking, transporting and disposing of waste. The 5 cubic meter vacuum truck can also be used for watering, water transporting, firefighting, or drought relieving.

HINO Trucks More

Isuzu Prime Mover tractor truck (also called as tractor head truck, prime mover Isuzu, HINO Tractor truck, Oil tank semi-trailer tractor truck, Trailer Trucks head, Towing trucks, 10 wheels tractor, 10 wheeler tractor truck, 4x2 Tractor truck, 6x4 Truck head, Trailer head, Prime Mover) is a specialized towing engine that provides motive power for hauling a towed or trailered load.          Prime Mover HINO700 6X4 380HP  Dump Truck Hino Tipper 6X4 350HP  Tipper Trucks GAC Hino Dumper 8x4 350HP                 Fuel Bowser Hino Oil Tanker 20m3 ~ 30m3 Concrete Mixer Truck Hino 5m3, 6m3, 8m3, 10m3 Transit Mixer Truck Hino  12m3~16m3                   Concrete Mixer Drum Kit 3m3~8m3  Hydraulic Transit Mixer Drum 10m3~16m3        

Custom Semi-trailer More

http://www.isuzutruckscn.com/new-35cbm-bulk-cement-trailer-manufacturer-powder-tanker-trailer_p13.htmlCustom made semi Trailer (also called as Customer bulk powder cement tanker semi trailer, Custom fuel tanker semi trailer,Custom drop side semi trailer, Box semi trailer, stake semi trailer, timber/Woods transport semi trailer, Low bed semi trailer, tipper semi trailer,Flatbed semi trailer, skeleton semi trailer)  is applicable to the bulk transport of powder dry materials as cement, fly ash, talcum powder, and flour. It can effectively prevent goods scattering, moisture, pollution of the environment, and is characterized by high efficiency and low transport costs.     Tractor Truck HINO 700  6X4 380HP   Powder Tanker Semi-Trailer 35 m3 12.5 Meters Sidewall trailer 45 Tons             Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer 35 m3  Aluminum Oil Tanker Trailer 50 m3   Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer 45 m3        40FT 3-axle Flatbed Trailer 30~50 Tons   Lowbed Semi Trailer 40~60 Tons