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China Isuzu trucks manufacturer , Famous Isuzu garbage truck, isuzu fire truck, isuzu vacuum truck manufacturer. established in 1985 , we specialized in customized  Isuzu garbage trucks, isuzu refuse truck, isuzu sanitation truck. range from isuzu brand garbage compactor truck, isuzu vacuum truck, isuzu road sweeper truck, isuzu sewage tanker trucks, isuzu water tanker truck, isuzu fuel tanker trucks. and other isuzu special purpose vehicles.

 World famous top-class Isuzu trucks manufacturing companies in China,  POWERSTAR TRUCKS have abundant technical staffs, advanced equipment, modern managing system and excellent service department. Our company can supply various series of isuzu waste management trucks, such as isuzu waste compactor truck, road sweeping truck, isuzu cesspit emptier .




Isuzu GIGA truck in POWERSTAR TRUCKS factory.




Powerstar Trucks workshop overview:

Set up in 1985 , Powerstar Trucks is the largest isuzu trucks manufacturer. It specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling isuzu environmental sanitation trucks and isuzu road maintenance special vehicles and equipment manufacturer in China. At present, our company has 10 series and more than 100 varieties of products which mainly include isuzu street sweeper, isuzu refuse compactor truck, isuzu street washer,isuzu vacuum suction truck,isuzu Street sweeper and washer, guardrail cleaning vehicle, food waste collection truck,isuzu hooklift truck, snow removal equipment, etc. All our products have independent intellectual property rights, and many of the technologies we adopt in production have obtained the national patent of China.

Our company has perfect quality assurance system and has passed ISO9001 international certificate in 1999. All our products have pass China Compulsory Certificate, and some of the products have passed CE certification, SGS certification.
Our company covers an area of 300,000square meters with total assets of 40 million USD.  We have more than 1000 employees, among whom technical personnel with intermediate and professional titles are more than 200. We also hire technical experts from Germany, Italy and France to offer us technical support. We have kept developing environmental sanitation equipment independently since we built the company. In 1990s,we successfully developed the full hydraulic road sweeper truck which kept up with has a provincial technology research and development center. The advanced enterprise resource panning (ERP) management system we implement helps ensure the comprehensiveness, continuity, systematicness, completeness and accuracy of our company management.

Powerstar Trucks are well known brand in both china and overseas market . Some of isuzu waste management trucks are exported to the middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and other regions in the world. The export volume of our products ranks No.1 among similar products in the same industry in  China. The isuzu street sweeper developed independently by our company is well received by users both at home and abroad duo to its beautiful appearance, superior performance and low operation cost.

In recent years, under the guidance of Chinese national macro policy and industrial policy, our company enlarges the investment in researching and developing isuzu trucks products with new energy and keeps ahead in the fields of urban isuzu special vehicle manufacturing in China.

                                                                                    Best Isuzu Garbage compactor trucks Manufacturer in china

  Isuzu garbage compactor truck  Isuzu garbage compactor truck

  Isuzu refuse compactor truck  Isuzu refuse compactor truck


The Garbage compactor truck factory is a factory specializing in the production and assembly of Isuzu garbage compactor trucks. It mainly produces special equipment for garbage collection and treatment. The Garbage compactor truck factory has advanced facilities and equipment, including mechanical processing equipment, welding robots and automated assembly lines. These facilities and equipment increase production efficiency, optimize work processes, and ensure product quality. Garbage compactor truck factory attaches great importance to quality control and product testing. They have a strict quality management system that includes full-process quality inspection from raw material procurement to product manufacturing. At the same time, they also ensure the reliability, durability and safety of their products by using high-quality raw materials and advanced production processes. To sum up, the Isuzu Garbage compactor truck factory is a factory mainly engaged in the production of garbage compactor trucks. It has advanced facilities and equipment, efficient production processes, strict quality control and attaches great importance to environmental protection.




 Isuzu Garbage compactor truck workshop view:

Powerstar Trucks is the most professional environmental trucks manufacturer in china, range from Isuzu NKR, NPR, FTR, FVR, GIGA garbage compactor truck. The uppder body capacity range from 4,000 liters to 25,000 liters.

As the leading sanitation truck plant , we endeavour to supply the super quality garbage compactor truck, sewage tanker truck and road sweeper trucks to our esteemed customers. Besides providing whole garbage trucks, we also design and export garbage compactor truck upper body, sewage tanker body, road sweeper body to overseas market.


Waste truck Isuzu garbage compactor truck   Waste truck Isuzu garbage compactor truck      


  Isuzu Vacuum tanker truck factory view

China most professional isuzu vacuum tanker truck manufacturer, can produce isuzu NPR,NQR, FTR, FVR, GIGA vacuum suction truck. Authorized isuzu sewage suction truck supplier, more than 30 years on producing sewer cleaning trucks. More than 30 years on customizing good quality vacuum sewage trucks. We aim at producing super quality Isuzu vacuum suction trucks.    Isuzu vacuum trucks are specialized vehicles designed for vacuuming and transporting various materials, fluids, and waste. They are widely used in industries such as construction, sanitation, and hazardous waste clean-up. These trucks play a crucial role in keeping the environment clean and maintaining public health and safety.

Isuzu vacuum trucks are equipped with powerful vacuum pumps and large capacity tanks that allow them to efficiently and effectively suck up and store a wide range of substances. These substances can include liquids, sludge, mud, sewage, and debris. The vacuum system creates a strong suction force that enables the truck to remove these materials from various sources such as sewers, drains, containers, and work sites.

The Isuzu vacuum sewage truck is a vehicle designed specifically for cleaning and treating sewage, sludge and other respirable materials. It uses vacuum suction technology to inhale substances while storing them in a sealed container in the vehicle body through the negative pressure generated by decompression for safe transportation and handling. Here are the three main uses of this vacuum truck:

1. Urban sanitation and sewage treatment: Isuzu vacuum sewage truck is one of the important tools for urban sanitation work. It can absorb all kinds of sewage, sludge and solid waste, including sewage from drains, sewers, septic tanks, garbage disposal stations and other places.
2. Industrial and construction site cleaning: In places such as industrial production and construction sites, a large amount of solid waste and sewage are generated. Isuzu vacuum sewage trucks can efficiently pick up and store these materials and transport them to specialized treatment facilities for environmentally friendly treatment.
3. Emergency disaster response: After a natural disaster or accident occurs, a large amount of sewage, sludge and harmful substances will be produced. Isuzu vacuum sewage trucks can be quickly deployed to perform rescue operations and clean up waste and contaminants in affected area

vacuum tanker truck factory  vacuum suction truck factory

vacuum pump truck factory  septic pump truck factory


The vacuum truck factory is a factory that specializes in manufacturing and producing vacuum cleaning vehicles. The following is a description of the Powerstar Trucks plant:

  1. The factory is well-equipped: The vacuum truck factory has advanced production equipment and technology, including metal cutting machines, welding robots and various assembly lines. These equipment not only improve production efficiency but also ensure product quality and stability.
    2. High-tech R&D team: The factory has a professional R&D team dedicated to developing and improving the technology of vacuum tanker truck. They work with various departments to continuously optimize product performance and improve vacuuming and cleaning results to meet customer needs.
    3. Strict quality control: vacuum truck factory focuses on quality control, from raw material procurement to production process, there are strict quality inspection and testing. Only products that pass various standards can enter the next step of production and assembly. The factory also regularly conducts quality reviews of delivered products to ensure customer satisfaction.
    4. Diversified product lines: The vacuum cleaning vehicles produced by the factory not only have vacuuming and cleaning functions, but also have a variety of different types of vehicles for customers to choose from, such as road cleaning vehicles, sanitation waste treatment vehicles, and sewage cleaning vehicles, etc. . These products are suitable for different application scenarios, including urban cleaning, industrial cleaning and environmental protection projects.

Isuzu sewage suction truck  Isuzu sewer pump truck 


Isuzu Crane Truck

The process of producing Isuzu factory crane trucks is complex, including design, manufacturing and assembly. First, the engineering team will create a design drawing based on the customer's needs and requirements. We will take into account the crane's specific specifications, load capacity, operating environment and other factors. These design drawings are then handed over to the production department to begin manufacturing.
During the manufacturing process, these metal sheets will be processed on large machine tools to manufacture different components of the Isuzu crane truck, such as the frame, boom and support structure. These components will be assembled through welding, riveting and bolting to form the main structure of a complete crane truck.
Next, they install the lifting machinery and control systems, such as hoisting winches, hoisting mechanisms, and control consoles. These components require rigorous testing and debugging to ensure their proper operation and safety. Finally, the crane truck is painted and decorated to improve its appearance quality and market appeal.

Isuzu crane truck is a vehicle specially designed for lifting and moving heavy objects. It features a body-mounted crane that can lift and move a variety of heavy loads quickly and efficiently. The following are the main uses of Isuzu crane truck:

1. Construction sites: Isuzu crane truck plays an important role on construction sites. It can be used to install and dismantle beams, columns, steel bars and concrete components in buildings. The crane's flexibility and stability make the Isuzu crane truck the ideal tool for handling a variety of heavy objects on construction sites.
2. Logistics and transportation: Isuzu crane truck is very suitable for the logistics and transportation industry. It can be used for loading and unloading cargo, especially those that are too heavy or too large to be handled by humans or other traditional tools. Whether at a port, warehouse or freight terminal, the Isuzu crane truck can efficiently complete the loading and unloading of cargo.
3. Rescue and emergency response: Isuzu crane truck is also widely used in rescue and emergency response fields. It can be used in disaster events to lift and move trapped people, clear collapsed buildings and heavy obstacles, helping save lives and shorten rescue times. At the same time, Isuzu crane truck can also be used in conjunction with other rescue equipment and vehicles to provide comprehensive rescue support.




Isuzu crane trucks are vehicles that use a crane mounted on the vehicle body to lift, unload, and transport cargo. They can meet the needs of a variety of industries and fields and serve four main purposes:

1. Construction sites: On construction sites, Isuzu crane trucks can carry and transport various construction materials, such as steel bars, bricks, and concrete slabs. Its cranes can efficiently lift these heavy materials to where they are needed, reducing the workload and time of manual handling.
2. Logistics and transportation: In the field of logistics and transportation, Isuzu lift trucks can be used to load and unload cargo and containers. Cranes can remove goods from warehouses or docks and place them safely on trucks before unloading them at their destination. This can improve logistics efficiency and reduce transportation costs.
3. Road maintenance: Isuzu lifting trucks can be used for road maintenance and emergency rescue. Cranes can be used to clear obstacles from the road or lift damaged vehicles. For emergency situations, lift trucks can also be used for rescue, towing and temporary repair of road facilities.
4. Ports and freight terminals: Isuzu lift trucks play a vital role in ports and freight terminals. Cranes can help move cargo from ships to docks or unload onto trucks. They can handle a variety of heavy cargo, including machinery, cargo, and containers.

 Isuzu Fire fighting Truck

Powerstar Trucks is a well-known fire truck manufacturing plant. The fire truck factory covers a vast area, has modern fire truck production lines and equipment, and adopts advanced water tank fire truck manufacturing technology and processes to ensure product quality and performance. At the same time, the factory also has a fire rescue vehicle R&D team composed of professional technicians, dedicated to developing new firefighting models and technologies.
This factory produces a wide range of fire trucks, including water tank type, foam type, platform type, ladder type and other types. The manufacturing process of fire trucks is carried out in strict accordance with national standards and undergoes strict quality inspection to ensure product quality and reliability.

The fire truck manufacturing factory has advanced production equipment and technology, and has advanced production lines and equipment to ensure production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, the factory also has a team of technical experts who can develop more efficient and high-quality fire truck products.
Fire truck manufacturing factory has rich production experience. In long-term production practice, the factory has accumulated a lot of production and manufacturing experience, and can design and produce more suitable fire truck products according to user needs.



Isuzu fire trucks are designed for effective firefighting operations and are widely used by fire departments and emergency response teams worldwide. Some of the key uses and functions of Isuzu fire trucks can be summarized in three points:

1. Fire Suppression: The primary purpose of Isuzu fire trucks is to combat and suppress fires effectively. These trucks are equipped with specialized firefighting equipment, such as high-pressure water pumps, water tanks, and hoses. They are capable of carrying and delivering a large volume of water to the fire scene, facilitating the extinguishing of fires. Isuzu fire trucks ensure quick and efficient fire suppression, helping to save lives and protect property.
2. Rescue Operations: Isuzu fire trucks are not only equipped for fighting fires but also equipped to handle rescue operations. They are typically equipped with ladders, hydraulic tools, and other necessary equipment for rescuing individuals trapped in burning buildings, precarious situations, or accidents. The trucks' design enables firefighters to reach elevated positions and access difficult-to-reach areas, assisting in search and rescue missions.
3. Equipment Transport: Isuzu fire trucks are also used to transport essential firefighting equipment to the incident location. These trucks have compartments and compartments specifically designed to carry firefighting tools, such as axes, hoses, breathing apparatus, and other necessary equipment. The trucks are designed to secure and organize the equipment effectively, ensuring that firefighters have quick access to the required tools during emergency situations.

Powerstar Trucks Fire truck manufacturing factories focus on quality control and after-sales service. Factories often adopt strict quality control systems and strictly supervise and check every production link to ensure that products comply with relevant standards and specifications.

In addition, the fire truck manufacturing factory also has flexible production capabilities and customized service capabilities. According to the specific needs of users, the fire truck manufacturing factory can provide personalized product design and production to meet the special needs of different users. The factory also has flexible production capabilities and can adjust the scale and pace of production according to market demand to ensure timely delivery of products. The fire truck manufacturing factory has a high reputation and popularity in domestic and foreign markets. Due to the reliable quality and superior performance of the fire truck products produced by the factory, they have been widely recognized and trusted in the fire protection industry. The factory's products are not only sold throughout the country, but also exported to many countries and regions.

The factory's fire truck products are exported to many countries and regions around the world and are highly praised by users. The product performance is stable, reliable, durable, and adaptable to various environments and working conditions. Not only that, the factory also provides users with timely after-sales service to ensure that users can receive timely technical support and maintenance services during use.


Isuzu Road sweeper workshop  view:

With 10 years great experience on road sweeper truck manufacturing, we provide extremely perfect solution on customer's requirement sweeping trucks.  Both whole road sweeper trucks and vacuum sweeper truck SKD parts are available.

 Isuzu sweeper truck  Isuzu road sweeper truck


                                                      Isuzu Dump trucks workshop view:


Dump truck factory  dump truck factory



 Isuzu dump trucks incorporate advanced engineering and technology to meet customer needs and perform well in a variety of work environments. It is equipped with a powerful engine and a highly reliable suspension system, allowing it to transport cargo while tolerating high loads and harsh road conditions.
The truck is also designed with operator comfort and safety in mind. It has a spacious cab that provides excellent driving space and visibility, and is equipped with comfortable seats and advanced driver assistance systems to reduce fatigue and errors during driving.
Isuzu dump trucks have excellent load-carrying capacity and unloading performance, and can complete unloading operations in a short time. It is equipped with reliable dumping device and auxiliary system, making the dumping process more precise and safer. In addition, the truck has a flexible control system and height-adjustable suspension system to adapt to different unloading needs and road conditions.


15 years experience on dump truck manufacturing and exporting.  Customized Isuzu NKR dump truck, Isuzu NPR dumper, Isuzu FTR, FVR tipper dumper, and other famous truck chassis


                                                               Isuzu Hook lift truck workshop view:

Hook loader truck is a versatile truck equipped with a powerful lifting mechanism at the rear. This lifting mechanism consists of a hook and drum that can be converted between the truck's bed and hitch. When the cargo box is installed on a truck, it can be lifted and dumped to load or unload cargo. When various other equipment or containers need to be transported, the lifting mechanism can electrically lift them onto the rear hinged device. Hook loader truck has many uses and advantages. First, it can transport various types of cargo, including waste, construction materials, containers and more. Its versatility makes it ideal for urban cleaning jobs and construction sites. Secondly, its lifting capacity is very powerful and can handle heavy cargo with ease. This makes it very popular in the construction and agricultural industries.




The working principle of Hook loader truck is relatively simple. First, the truck driver lifts the cargo box off the hinges and secures it on the hooks at the back. Once the cargo box is securely attached to the truck, the driver can lower or lift it via a control button. At the same time, the truck can tilt at different angles to accommodate different types and volumes of cargo. During transportation, the boxes and trucks can rotate freely to adapt to road and traffic conditions.

Customized china concrete mixer trucks, we can customized 8 CBM, 10 CBM, 16 CBM cement mixer trucks, based on customer's requirement, we can also provide mixer truck upper body on required truck chassis.


                                    Isuzu Tanker trucks production line overview:

The Isuzu tank truck is a tank truck specially designed for transporting liquid cargo. It is widely used in many industries such as petroleum and chemicals, logistics and transportation, etc. This tank truck has the following main uses:

  1. 1. Petroleum and chemical industry: Isuzu tank trucks play a key role in the petroleum and chemical industry. They are used to transport crude oil, fuel oil, chemical liquids and other petroleum derivatives. These trucks are often explosion-proof and safe, allowing them to work in high-risk environments.
    2. Logistics and transportation industry: Isuzu tanks are widely used in the logistics and transportation industry. They are used to transport food grade liquids such as juice, milk and cooking oil. These tank trucks usually have sanitary and sanitation requirements to ensure the quality and freshness of the liquid.
    3.Construction and Engineering Industry: The Isuzu tank truck is very practical in the construction and engineering industry. They are used to transport water, mortar, concrete and other construction materials. These trucks are typically equipped with powerful engines and high-performance suspension systems to ensure stability and reliability on construction sites.
    4. Environmental protection and waste management industry: Isuzu tank trucks play an important role in the environmental protection and waste management industry. They are used to transport sewage, wastewater and other liquid waste. These trucks usually have strict environmental protection requirements and are equipped with sewage treatment devices and other environmental protection equipment.




The exterior design of suzu water tank truck is simple and practical, and the body is sturdy and durable. It is equipped with a large-capacity water tank that can load various types of liquids as needed, such as drinking water, industrial liquids, chemicals, etc. The water tank is made of special materials with good sealing and corrosion resistance to ensure safe transportation of liquids. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with an efficient pump and spray system that allows for fast loading and unloading of liquids and the ability to carry out spraying operations as needed. This makes Isuzu water tank trucks widely used in water supply, firefighting, road cleaning and other fields.

The power system of the Isuzu water tanker truck adopts an advanced diesel engine, which has strong power and excellent fuel economy. The engines are finely tuned to transport heavy loads of liquids. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with advanced suspension and braking systems to provide stable driving performance and safe braking effects. The vehicle's cockpit is spacious and comfortable, equipped with advanced seats and operating control systems, providing drivers with a comfortable driving experience.

Isuzu tank trucks incorporate advanced technology and design to ensure efficient transportation and safety performance. It is equipped with a powerful engine and a stable chassis that can easily cope with the requirements of heavy loads and long-distance transportation. In addition, Isuzu tank trucks have excellent handling and stability, allowing drivers to better control the vehicle。 The tanks of Isuzu tank trucks are made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring that various types of liquid substances can be safely stored and transported. It has excellent sealing performance and can prevent liquid leakage and environmental pollution. In addition, Isuzu tank trucks are equipped with advanced explosion-proof devices and emergency cut-off devices to ensure that timely measures can be taken in unexpected situations and to protect the safety of the driver and the environment.

Isuzu tank trucks also offer highly reliable performance and low maintenance costs. It adopts advanced fuel injection technology and intelligent electronic control system to improve fuel efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions. In addition, Isuzu tank trucks also feature long maintenance cycles and durability, reducing the frequency and cost of repairs and parts replacement.





Isuzu tanker trucks are specialized vehicles designed for the transportation and delivery of liquids and fuels. With a capacity ranging from 5,000 to 30,000 liters, these tanker trucks are commonly used in various industries for commercial purposes. Here are three key uses of Isuzu tanker trucks:

1. Petroleum and Fuel Transportation: Isuzu tanker trucks are extensively used in the petroleum industry for transporting liquid petroleum products and fuel, such as gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel. These trucks are equipped with high-quality tanks that ensure the safe and efficient delivery of the fuel, while also preventing any leakage or contamination during transportation. They play a crucial role in maintaining the constant supply and distribution of fuel to gas stations, airports, and other fuel-dependent facilities.

2. Water Supply and Delivery: Another important application of Isuzu tanker trucks is the transportation of potable water and other non-potable liquids, such as industrial water or chemical solutions. These trucks have tanks specially designed to meet the strict quality standards for transporting drinking water. They are widely used in areas where access to clean water is limited, serving as a vital resource for emergency relief operations, construction sites, and water distribution in remote or rural locations.

3. Liquid Waste Management: Isuzu tanker trucks are also utilized for the collection and disposal of liquid waste materials. These trucks have tanks with specialized features to handle hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials, such as sewage, wastewater, and industrial byproducts. They are employed by municipal authorities, wastewater treatment facilities, and private waste management companies to ensure proper waste transportation and disposal, preventing environmental contamination and promoting public health.

Isuzu aerial platform truck

Isuzu Aerial work vehicles are special equipment used for aerial work, usually used in construction, maintenance, installation and other fields. It has the following three uses and functions:

Isuzu  Aerial work vehicles can be used for construction and maintenance work. On construction sites, aerial work vehicles can help workers quickly and safely reach the aerial work position to perform concrete pouring, wall decoration, glass curtain wall installation and other work.

Isuzu  Aerial work vehicles can also be used for equipment installation and maintenance in industries such as electricity, communications, and railways. For example, in the power industry, aerial work vehicles can help workers install overhead lines, replace transformers, repair electric towers, etc., which improves work efficiency and safety.

Isuzu  Aerial work vehicles can also be used for emergency rescue and fire escape. In an emergency, aerial work vehicles can quickly deliver rescue personnel to the scene of the accident to assist in rescue work.

Isuzu Aerial work vehicles are a kind of general-purpose mechanical equipment specially used for working at high altitudes. They are usually used in the fields of construction, power, communications, etc. The main function of aerial work vehicles is to help operators perform various tasks at high altitudes, improve work efficiency, and ensure work safety. Isuzu Aerial work vehicles are a type of mechanical equipment specifically used for aerial work. They can effectively lift workers to higher working positions and complete various aerial work tasks. This type of work vehicle is usually equipped with a telescopic arm and a platform, which can be freely extended and rotated within different height ranges, allowing workers to easily perform aerial work.

The main uses of Isuzu aerial work vehicles include various aerial work tasks such as maintenance, cleaning, installation, and construction. For example, at a construction site, an aerial work vehicle can help workers quickly and easily reach the construction height for installation, maintenance, and other work; in urban cleaning work, an aerial work vehicle can help cleaning personnel clean high-altitude locations such as the exterior walls of high-rise buildings and outdoor billboards; in the field of aviation maintenance, an isuzu aerial work vehicle can help engineers perform aerial work such as aircraft maintenance and inspection.

In conclusion, Isuzu tanker trucks are versatile vehicles with diverse applications. They serve the petroleum industry by delivering fuel, aid in water distribution for areas in need, and facilitate the transportation and disposal of liquid waste materials. These trucks play a crucial role in maintaining essential services, ensuring safety and efficiency in liquid transportation, while also addressing environmental and societal needs.

As professional Isuzu Tanker Trucks Manufacturer over decedes of years, Powerstar Trucks  have own R&D Department, over 8 engineers and 50 skilled workers specialized in tanker trucks production.

Bring in Germany production line with high-tech machine and adopt Mercedes Benz management methods,"Quality First" always our slogan, so we innovated everyday and offer people-oriented service to meet all our customers' requirement.


POWERSTAR TRUCKS Certification Display:     


POWERSTAR Trucks, For Your Success. 

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