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1, What is a Isuzu Freezer Truck, and how to buy a Isuzu Freezer Truck?

Isuzu Freezer Trucks (also called as Freezer vehicle, Isuzu Refrigerated trucks, Cold chain transport truck, Isuzu Refrigerator Truck, Isuzu Frozen Trucks) suitable used for the transportation of frozen food (refrigerated vehicle ), dairy products (milk transport vehicle), vegetables and fruits (fresh goods transport vehicle), vaccine drugs.

As best of Isuzu Refrigerated Truck supplier in China, Powerstar Trucks can customize Isuzu Refrigerator Trucks based on your project. Including Isuzu NPR Freezer truck, Isuzu 100P/600P/700P Refrigerated Truck, Isuzu FTR/FVR Reefer Van Truck, Isuzu Giga Refrigerated Trucks and so on.

2, Advantages of Isuzu Freezer Truck?

# 1  World Class Isuzu Refrigerated Truck chassis

# 2  Body capacity from 3cbm~60cbm.

# 3   Simplicity, usability and safety of operation .

# 4   Refrigeration Unit: Carrier, Thermo King, Kaixue and so on .


3, What are the Isuzu Freezer Truck used for?

# +2°C Fresh fish (in ice), Fresh fruit and vegetables

# 2  -10°C~-18°C Meat,Egg products, offal, Deep frozen foods.

# 3  -25°C, Ice and Ice cream.

Isuzu Sandwich Panels Insulated Panel Refrigerated Trucks Isuzu Freezer trucks
ISUZU ELF 100P Double cabin Refrigerated Truck Freezer Vehilcle

ISUZU Refrigerated Trucks

3.6m body

4.4m body

4m body

 Chile ISUZU NPR carrier freezer truck refrigeration units for refrigerated box trucks for sale ISUZU Freezer Trucks
ISUZU 700P/NPR Refrigerated cooling van truck 

ISUZU Frozen Food Reefer


ISUZU Refrigerator Van Truck

7m body

5.5m body
 Japan ISUZU GIGA Refrigerated Truck with Thermo King Refrigeration Unit  Japan ISUZU FVR Refrigerated Van Trucks for sale  Isuzu COLD CHAIN TRANSPORT TRUCKs

 ISUZU GIGA Refrigerated Truck

9.6m body

ISUZU Seafood Van Trucks

7m body

ISUZU Fresh/Frozen Food Truck

9.5m body
Isuzu NKR live fish transportation truck for export

ISUZU NKR Freezer Trucks for live fish transportation

ISUZU NKR chiller truck, ISUZU 98HP diesel engine, MSB 5-shift manual gearbox, 4000x2000x2000mm freezer van body, equipped with China famous refrigeration unit, painting and logos as required. Japanese brand ISUZU freezer van truck frefrigerated truck for sale

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Isuzu GIGA 20 tons refrigerated van with CARRIER unit for Philippines

ISUZU GIGA 6×4 freezer truck with CARRIER 850 refrigeration unit

ISUZU GIGA 6x4 freezer truck, ISUZU 350HP diesel engine, FAST 12-shift manual gearbox, 11900x2600x3900mm freezer van body, equipped with CARRIER 850 refrigeration unit, painting and logos as required. Good price ISUZU GIGA reefer truck, ISUZU chiller lorry, Japanese brand ISUZU refrigerated truck for sale

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Isuzu NKR freezer van refrigerated box truck exported to Cambodia

ISUZU 600P Freezer Trucks with THERMO KING unit

ISUZU NKR/ ELF 600P chiller lorry, ISUZU 130HP diesel engine, MSB 5-shift manual gearbox, 4200x2100x2100mm freezer van body, equipped with THERMO KING RV-380 refrigeration unit, painting and logos as required. Japanese brand ISUZU reefer van truck freezer box truck for sale

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