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Isuzu GIGA garbage compactor truck

Isuzu giga rear end loader compactor truck
Isuzu giga rear end loader compactor truck
Isuzu giga rear end loader compactor truck
Isuzu giga rear end loader compactor truck
Isuzu giga rear end loader compactor truck
Isuzu giga rear end loader compactor truck
Isuzu giga rear end loader compactor truck
Isuzu giga rear end loader compactor truck
Isuzu giga rear end loader compactor truck
Isuzu giga rear end loader compactor truck
Isuzu giga rear end loader compactor truck
Isuzu giga rear end loader compactor truck
Isuzu giga rear end loader compactor truck
Isuzu giga rear end loader compactor truck

Isuzu GIGA garbage compactor truck

Brand New Isuzu GIGA 16-18 Tons rear loader Compactor Garbage Truck in Philippines. Original isuzu giga truck chassis, with updated japan isuzu engine 6WG1 model with 420HP. Famous Japanese ISUZU brand GIGA LHD 6X4 truck chassis, front axle capacity 6.3 tons and rear double axles capacity 13tons, FAST 12-shift manual gearbox with 12 forward and 2 reverse, 400L fuel tanker.

ISUZU GIGA 20-22m3 Compactor Garbage Truck for Waste Collection, with customized 22cbm compactor body, compression ratio 1:4 as standard, rear tilting device for international bins 240L and 1100L.

  • Work capacity:

    20 CBM
  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

    420 hp
  • Engine type:

  • Axle drive:

  • Gear box:

    Fast 12-shift
  • Remarks:

    Rear lifting device for ISO 240L, 660L, 770L and 1100L bins

Isuzu GIGA Compressed garbage truck is mainly used for the collection and transport of a one-time non-recyclable municipal solid waste, commercial waste, and also used for non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-radioactive industrial garbage.It is produced with Germany technology. It's with the features of high system pressure, large compression force, high volume rate and large loading capacity, which could make loading capacity increase 5-7 times.

ISUZU GIGA Garbage Compactor Truck (also called garbage compactor, ISUZU GIGA waste compressor truck, brand new ISUZU GIGA Rear loader, ISUZU GIGA compressed refuse truck, high quality ISUZU GIGA trash compactor truck, ISUZU GIGA 6×4 refuse compression truck) is designed for daily rubbish transport in such living areas as all kinds of cities, large station, port and wharf, airport, and densely-populated areas like industrial and mineral enterprises and military units.

----►ISUZU GIGA cabin 6x4 drive

----►ISUZU 6WG1-TCG60 diesel engine, with engine power 420HP

----►High strength steel T420 material with thickness for side and floor 5mm

----►CAN-BUS electric control box

----►Rear lifting device for 240L, 660L and 1100L bins

----►12 months after sale service, long guarantee assurance.

----►7 days + 24 hours service

Products Parameters

ISUZU GIGA hydraulic garbage compactor truck (20 cbm)
General Vehicle Brand POWERSTAR
Chassis Brand ISUZU
Overall Dimension 10500 * 2500 * 3180 mm
GVW / Kerb Weight 25,000kg / 12,800kg
Cab Cab Capacity 3 persons allowed
Air Conditioner Heating/cooling air conditioner
Engine Fuel Type Diesel
Engine Brand ISUZU
Power 420HP
Displacement 15681 ml
Emission Standard Euro 5/6
Chassis Drive Type 6X4 (left hand drive)
Transmission FAST 12 speed levers with 2 reverse
Wheelbase/No. of axle 4565+1370mm / 3
Tire Specification 315/80R22.
Tire Number 10 tires and 1 spare tire
Max Speed 95 km/h
Paint Metallic paint
Superstructure Body capacity 20 cbm
Fill Hopper capacity 2.4 cbm
Sewage tank  200 liters
Filling work cycly time  20~25 s
Discharge model Horizontal Ejection
Control system Electrically Hydraulic control
Manual hydraulic control
Control panel English or Your language
All standard accessories: Dust bin lifter,Ladder, warning lights, Emergency stop button,              
handrail, fire extinguisher, basic tool kit, English manual...
Optional ** Back alarm and Camera can be equipped.
** Italy mulit-valve can be choose.
** 240L (single bin or double bin) or standard 660 L, 1100 L bins with bin lifter can be choose.

Brand new ISUZU GIGA garbage compactor truck (garbage compacting truck, rear loader compactor truck) is used to collect, transport and clearing up wastes, avoiding the secondary pollution. Features of the garbage dump truck, one kind  of new environmental truck, are easy, effective, and environmental. Garbage compactor truck is widely used in sanitation organization, municipal administration, mining area, property area, residential area, and many other places where garbage is centralized.

(1) More than 12 years professional manufacturer experience.
(2) CCC ISO9001 certificate
(3) Be designed according to your requirements 
(4) Small order can be accepted 
(5) We accept 100% inspection, welcome to our factory at any time 
(6) 12 month quality guarantee term

Why Philippines customers prefer to buy ISUZU GIGA garbage compactor truck?

The reasons why Philippines customers choose ISUZU Giga garbage compactor trucks from POWERSTAR TRUCKS INDUSTRY CO., LIMITED are as follows. This truck has efficient waste collection and compression functions and is suitable for the waste disposal needs of the Philippines.

The following are detailed reasons for choosing this vehicle:

1. High quality and durability: ISUZU Giga garbage trucks are known for their high quality and durability. The vehicle uses high-strength materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure the vehicle's stability and reliability in harsh environments and heavy loads. This makes the ISUZU Giga garbage truck ideal for long-term use and resistance to friction.

2. Efficient garbage compression function: ISUZU Giga rear loader garbage truck is equipped with advanced garbage compression technology. The compactor truck is equipped with a special compression device inside, which can efficiently compress garbage, reduce the volume of garbage, and save transportation space. This greatly improves the collection efficiency of garbage trucks, reduces the number of garbage transportations, and further reduces operating costs.

3. Suitable for complex road conditions: The ISUZU Giga refuse garbage truck is equipped with a powerful power system and four-wheel drive transmission, giving it excellent off-road capabilities. Whether in cities or rural areas, ISUZU Giga garbage compactors can adapt to various road conditions and professionally collect and process garbage. Because some areas in Philippines have complex terrain and rough road conditions.

4. Environmentally friendly and sustainable: As a multi-island country, the Philippines takes environmental issues very seriously. The ISUZU 20cbm rubbish collector compactor truck adopts green and environmentally friendly technology and has the characteristics of low emissions and low noise. At the same time, the vehicle can also effectively handle garbage and reduce the impact of garbage on the environment, helping the Philippines achieve sustainable garbage management and environmental protection goals.

All in all, Philippines customers choose the ISUZU Giga rear loaders because of its high quality and durability, efficient garbage compression function, excellent off-road capability, and environmental friendliness and sustainability. This vehicle can meet the Philippines’ growing waste disposal needs and contribute to local sustainable development.

Regarding how to choose the ISUZU Giga compression garbage truck, you can consider the following aspects. First is reliability and quality, ISUZU Giga truck chassis is known for its excellent quality and reliability. Secondly, considering the vehicle's garbage compression capability and garbage collection efficiency, ISUZU Giga refuse compactor truck is equipped with advanced compression technology that can efficiently compress garbage and reduce garbage volume. In addition, the vehicle's load capacity and adaptability are also important factors in selection. ISUZU Giga has strong load capacity and the ability to adapt to complex road conditions. In addition, considering the environmental performance and sustainability of the vehicle, ISUZU Giga rear loader adopts green environmental protection technology, which has low emissions and noise, and can effectively handle garbage and reduce its impact on the environment. When choosing ISUZU Giga garbage compactor truck, you can also refer to the reviews and feedback from domestic and foreign users, learn about other users’ experience, and choose the configuration and model that suits your needs.

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