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Sewage tanker body kit  (also called as Vauum tank truck super structure, Sewage suction tank body kit, Sewage tank truck up structure, Vacuum suction truck tank system, Sewage pump truck body kit, Up body kit for vacuum sewage suction truck ) 

This vacuum suction truck is mainly used to suck, transport, unload, and load sewage and sludge existing in the sewer lines and rainwater wells, and it can also be used to suck and transport wastewater, industrial waste oil, and sewage in large factories. Furthermore, sometimes it can even be used to dredge and clean small watercourses.


  Brand new sewage tank body
  Any chassis brand available
  Short delivery time 5~7 days
  Worldwide shipping
  100% custom-made, 2m3 to 30m3
  12 months Free spare parts
  Local install in customer workshop
* And more......
sewage tanker truck body kit Isuzu vacuum truck upper structure

6,000L Sewage vacuum pump tanker truck super structure body kit

Isuzu Vacuum Sewage suction truck is used for removing and transporting sand, stones, grease, sludge and other debris from sewage pipelines and/or sanitary sewer by strong suction action which is created by a vacuum pump.

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