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Garbage compactor body kit (also called as Isuzu refuse compactor body kit, Waste compactor up-structure, Rear loader super structure, Bin lorry hydraulic system, Compression garbage truck body kit, Hydraulic rear compactor up structure)

Refuse Compactor Truck mainly suitable for the garbage collection and transportation is good conditions places, such as urban and rural streets, large factories, residential areas and school.


  Brand new garbage compactor body
  Any chassis brand available
  Short delivery time 5~7 days
  Worldwide shipping
  100% custom-made, 3m3 to 22m3
  12 months Free spare parts
  Local install in customer workshop

* And more......

refuse compactor body  Trash Garbage Compactor Body Kit
Factory for garbage trucks bodies

Refuse Compactor Body

3~4 cbm

Japan Isuzu Rear Loader bodies  Refuse compactor bodies Compression garbage truck body

Rear Loader Bodies

8 cbm

9 cbm

Waste Compactor Body Kit

10 cbm

 Waste compactor body kit for sale  Rear loader garbage truck body kit for sale  Garbage compactor truck hydraulic body kit for sale

Waste Compactor Body Kit

12 cbm

Rear Loader Truck Body

14 cbm

Garbage Compactor Hydraulic Body

16 cbm


 Refuse collection truck upper body  Garbage Compctor Hydraulic Body Kit  

Rear Loader Truck Body

18 cbm

Garbage Truck Compactor Body

20 cbm


super structure kit for Environment garbage compactor truck

Garbage compactor body kit

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Best price refuse compactor body kit for sale

Garbage truck Refuse Compactor Body for sale

Garbage Truck bodies, Trash Compactor Body Kit, Garbage Compactor Body Unit, 

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Japan Isuzu garbage compactor truck bodies for sale

Garbage Truck Bodies

Waste compactor truck up structure, Rear Loader bodies, Refuse Collection Truck Super Structure

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Top quality rear loader body for sale

Rear Loader Bodies Garbage Truck Super Structure

Trash Compactor Replacement Body Kits,Rear Loder Compactor Body,Rear Loader Refuse Truck body

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Rear loader garbage truck super structure kit

waste collector compactor up structure

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