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ISUZU GIGA Fire Fighting Trucks (also called as ISUZU GIGA Fire Fighting Truck with Water Foam, GIGA Form Fire fighting truck supplier, Industrial fire fighting truck GIGA ISUZU,  Fire Fighting Tanker, ISUZU GIGA Fire Water Truck, Fire-extinguishing wate truck) is widely used in the public security fire brigade, the petroleum chemical industry, factories and mines enterprises and ports, terminals and other places to save the large of oil fire and general material fire in large and medium-sized cities.It is the ideal large fire-fighting equipment..

ISUZU GIGA Foam Fire Engine ISUZU GIGA Fire Engine

GIGA ISUZU New Multi-function foam fire trucks Fire Fighting Truck Diesel Fire Trucks
 ISUZU GIGA 8ton Fire Engine

(4x2 8tons Water)

ISUZU GIGA Fire Engine

(4x2 6tons Water)

 Japan ISUZU GIGA Fire Tender  ISUZU GIGA Water foam dry powder fire fighting trucks  GIGA ISUZU Fire fighting vehicle  

ISUZU GIGA Fire Tender

(14,000L water + 2,000L foam)


ISUZU GIGA Powder Fire Rescue Vehicle

(12,000L water + 3,000L foam+ 2,000L Powder)

GIGA ISUZU Tractor Head trucks ISUZU GIGA water spray trucks  ISUZU GIGA water tanker trucks   

GIGA ISUZU Tractor Head

(6x4 420hp)

GIGA ISUZU Tipper trucks


GIGA ISUZU Water Bowser


ISUZU GIGA Concrete truck mixer for sale ISUZU GIGA high altitude aerial platform trucks ISUZU GIGA Oil Transportation Tanker Truck

GIGA ISUZU Concrete Truck Mixer

(8 cbm)

GIGA ISUZU Aerial Platform Truck

(18 m)

ISUZU GIGA Fuel bowser



Philippines ISUZU GIGA 6UZ1-TCG50 4X2 8 Tons Water Foam Fire Fighting Truck for Sale

ISUZU GIGA 8ton Brand New Fire Fighting Water Tank Truck

Japan Brand new Philippines customized Emergency Fire Truck 8 Tons Water and Foam Tank Fire Rescue Truck Fire Truck

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Philippines ISUZU GIGA water foam dry powder combination military fire truck fire fighting truck

ISUZU GIGA Isuzu fire fighting truck water foam powder tank fire engine Vehilce

ISUZU GIGA fire truck with 8X4 water foam Dry Powder Heavy fire engine for sale

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