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Isuzu Road Sweeper Truck body kit (also called as Isuzu street sweeper body kit, Sweeper truck up-structure, Broom sweeper truck super structure, Sweeper vehicle hydraulic system, Vacuum Sweeper truck body kit, Hydraulic sweeper up structure)

Road Sweeper Truck mainly suitable for sweeping city roads, highways, construction sites, bridges, squares, and cement concrete road surface.


  Brand new sweeper truck body kit
  Any chassis brand available
  Short delivery time 5~7 days
  Worldwide shipping
  100% custom-made, 3m3 to 15m3
  12 months Free spare parts
  Local install in customer workshop

* And more......

road sweeper kit for road sweeper truck up structure Dustbin Road Sweeper Kit for road sweeper trucks
Best price Road sweeper up structure for export

Road Sweeper Body Kit

4m3 dustbin + 1m3 water

 Powerstar trucks brand Road Sweeper assembly for sale  Refuse compactor bodies  16tons Trash compactor body

3~5 Tons

Trash Compactor Body Kit

8~10 Tons

Refuse Truck Bodies

16 Tons

Japan Isuzu Rear Loader bodies  https://www.isuzutruckscn.com/manufacturer-for-refuse-compactor-structure_p534.html Compression garbage truck body

Rear Loader Bodies

8 cbm

Back Loading Truck body

9 cbm

Waste Compactor Body Kit

10 cbm

 Waste compactor body kit for sale  Rear loader garbage truck body kit for sale  Garbage compactor truck hydraulic body kit for sale

Waste Compactor Body Kit

12 cbm

Rear Loader Truck Body

14 cbm

Garbage Compactor Hydraulic Body

16 cbm


 Refuse collection truck upper body  Road Sweeper Truck Body Parts Broom Circular Brush  

Rear Loader Truck Body

18 cbm

Road Sweeper Broom Brush



Manufacturer for Dustbin sweeper kit

Dustbin Sweeper Kit System

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hydraulic cylinder for road sweeper truck

Road sweeper spare parts hydraulic cylinder

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 Brush disc Support Base for road sweeper truck

Sweeper truck brush disc structure

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