ISUZU NPR freezer box truck for sale
ISUZU NPR freezer box truck for sale
ISUZU NPR freezer box truck for sale
ISUZU NPR freezer box truck for sale
ISUZU NPR freezer box truck for sale
ISUZU NPR freezer box truck for sale
ISUZU NPR freezer box truck for sale
ISUZU NPR freezer box truck for sale
ISUZU NPR freezer box truck for sale
ISUZU NPR freezer box truck for sale
ISUZU NPR freezer box truck for sale
ISUZU NPR freezer box truck for sale
ISUZU NPR freezer box truck for sale
ISUZU NPR freezer box truck for sale
ISUZU NPR freezer box truck for sale

ISUZU 700P freezer van

The Isuzu freezer van is a refrigerated transport vehicle modified based on the Isuzu chassis. This type of vehicle is usually used to transport goods that require refrigeration and preservation, such as food, medicine, etc. Isuzu freezer vans are based on the original Isuzu chassis, which has the advantages of strong carrying capacity, high reliability and good stability. At the same time, according to user needs, different refrigerated boxes and refrigeration units can be selected to meet the refrigerated transportation needs of different goods.

  • Work capacity:

    8 tons
  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

    190 HP
  • Engine type:

  • Axle drive:

  • Gear box:

    MLD 6-speed
  • Remarks:

    Carrier refrigeration unit, freezer van with 2 compartments

The Isuzu freezer box truck is a high-performance commercial refrigerated truck equipped with an ISUZU diesel engine, CARRIER high-efficiency refrigeration unit, sensors and control systems, etc. It has strong load capacity and spacious loading space. The refrigerated compartments are made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials with good thermal insulation and sealing properties, ensuring that goods are kept fresh for a long time. The vehicle is also equipped with a reliable braking system, eye-catching safety warning lights and anti-skid tires to ensure driving safety. In addition, the cab is designed to be comfortable and provides a comfortable driving environment. The seat has a multi-directional adjustment function to facilitate the driver to adjust his sitting posture.


The Isuzu freezer van is a vehicle suitable for various scenarios that require refrigerated transportation. It is suitable for food cold chain logistics, pharmaceutical cold chain, chemical raw material transportation, supermarket distribution, agricultural field, scientific research institutions, catering industry and fishery product transportation, etc. The Isuzu freezer van can ensure the quality and freshness of goods that require refrigeration such as fresh food, fruits, vegetables, meat, vaccines, biological products, blood, etc. In the agricultural field, it is also used to transport and deliver flowers, seedlings and other plants that need to be maintained at a constant temperature.

Product Specifications

Chassis model


Chassis brand


Overall dimensions


Wheel base


Front/rear wheel track


Front/rear suspension


Approach/departure angle


Maximum speed




700P, single row, allowable 3 passengers, air conditioner, USB radio interface, cab can be flipped.


White, other color is optional





Euro 5


4 cylinders, 4 valve,4-stroke, in-line, common rail, precision electronic control, multistage injection, optimal combustion, exhaust gas recirculation, diesel engine.

Rated power

190 hp




Isuzu Engine (Chongqing) Co., Ltd.





6+1 nos


air brake



Front axle

4.0 tons

Rear axle

7.0 tons

Drive form



Multi leaf springs

Rated voltage

24V, DC


Isuzu MLD 6-speed transmission, 6 speed forward 1 reverse.


Power assisted steering

Steering wheel

Left hand drive

Van body parameters

Van dimensions


Loading capacity

30 m3

Van material(inner)

Color steel

Van material(outer)

Fiber glass

Insulation layer

Polyurethane foam

Thickness of insulation layer


Refrigeration unit




Supra 850





Compressor model





Things to note when buying an Isuzu refrigerated truck

1. Chassis selection:

The type and weight of the cargo transported and the volume of the insulated cargo box are important considerations in determining chassis tonnage. When choosing a chassis, you need to pay attention to the following key issues:

(1) Select an appropriate chassis based on cargo tonnage, transportation road conditions, etc., and consider the chassis’ load-bearing capacity, fuel consumption, and emission standards;

(2) For refrigerated trucks, the reliability of the chassis is particularly important. Since the transported goods are usually not suitable for long-term storage, although they are equipped with refrigeration equipment, they still need to be delivered to the destination quickly. If a malfunction occurs on the way, it can easily cause the goods to deteriorate and cause huge losses.

2. Van body selection:

The body of the refrigerated truck needs to have good sealing and thermal insulation properties. The Isuzu freezer van body adopts a three-layer structure: the inner and outer layers are made of composite materials such as fiberglass, color steel, etc.; the middle layer is made of insulation materials such as polyurethane foam materials. The inner and outer layer and the middle layer are bonded with high-strength glue to form a sealed whole.

When choosing a van body, you need to consider the following issues:

(1) The water absorption, air permeability, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance of the van body material;

(2) Ensure that the van body has good temperature stability to prevent temperature changes from affecting other properties.

(3) The manufacturing process of the van plays a vital role in the insulation effect. POWERSTAR has improved its process level by introducing advanced equipment and technology;

(4) Different types of cargo have different requirements for the freezer van body. For example, Isuzu refrigerated trucks for transporting fresh meat require customized hooks in the van; while supermarket distribution requires multi-temperature Isuzu refrigerated trucks.

3. Selection of refrigeration unit:

Since goods are particularly sensitive to temperature, once there is a problem with the refrigeration unit, not only the freight will be lost, but also the high payment for the goods.

The refrigeration unit consists of a compressor, power system, condenser, evaporator, refrigeration pipeline and control device, etc., and is used to control the temperature of goods during transportation.

Refrigeration units can be divided into independent units and non-independent units. The independent unit has its own power source, while the non-independent unit relies on the power of the truck chassis, and its price is relatively cheap. For short-distance distribution, it is recommended to choose non-independent units, which are cheap and relatively easy to repair even if they malfunction. It is recommended to choose an independent unit for medium and long-distance transportation. Once a malfunction occurs during transportation, the refrigeration unit can still work normally to meet the refrigeration needs of the goods.

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