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ISUZU GIGA Foam Fire Engine

ISUZU GIGA 5000 liters foam fire truck
ISUZU GIGA 5000 liters foam fire truck
ISUZU GIGA 5000 liters foam fire truck
ISUZU GIGA 5000 liters foam fire truck
ISUZU GIGA 5000 liters foam fire truck
ISUZU GIGA 5000 liters foam fire truck
ISUZU GIGA 5000 liters foam fire truck
ISUZU GIGA 5000 liters foam fire truck
ISUZU GIGA 5000 liters foam fire truck
ISUZU GIGA 5000 liters foam fire truck
ISUZU GIGA 5000 liters foam fire truck
ISUZU GIGA 5000 liters foam fire truck

ISUZU GIGA Foam Fire Engine

The task of ISUZU fire trucks in daily life is to put out fires. Different types of ISUZU fire trucks have different uses. Common ISUZU foam fire trucks are mainly equipped with fire pumps, water tanks, foam tanks, foam mixing systems, foam guns, fire cannons and other fire-fighting equipment can independently put out fires, especially suitable for putting out oil and other oil fires.

  • Work capacity:

    5000 L
  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

    380 HP
  • Engine type:

  • Axle drive:

  • Gear box:

    FAST 12-speed
  • Remarks:

    ISUZU GIGA double row cabin, China famous brand fire pump and fire monitor

The Isuzu GIGA foam fire truck is a firefighting vehicle specially designed for fire extinguishing and rescue work. It is usually equipped with a foam fire extinguishing system that can emit foam mixed with water mist to effectively extinguish fires. The ISUZU GIGA fire truck is 7.8 meters long, 2.5 meters wide, and 3.5 meters high. It has a total mass of 22 tons and a rated load of 10 tons. It uses an Isuzu GIGA double-row cab and can accommodate 2+3 people. This car is equipped with an ISUZU 6UZ1 engine with a maximum power of 279KW and a maximum torque of 1,800 Nm. ISUZU engines have a good reputation in the market and have the advantages of low fuel consumption and durability.


The tank body of the Isuzu GIGA foam fire truck is made of stainless steel. The total tank volume is 5 cubic meters, the water tank volume is 4 cubic meters, and the foam tank volume is 1 cubic meter. The tank body is designed with multiple wave-proof boards. There are a total of 5 aluminum alloy rolling shutter doors around the tank, 2 of which are placed with various fire-fighting equipment and equipped with special fixing devices, so that the fire-fighting equipment is stored more firmly. The fire pump is located in the pump room at the rear of the vehicle body. The fire pump is equipped with a piping system, various instruments, indicator lights, liquid level gauges, pressure gauges, vacuum gauges and other devices. During operation, it can be operated correctly according to the operating instructions on the operation panel.

Product Parameters

ISUZU GIGA Foam Fire Truck Specification

Truck Model


Chassis Model



Double cabin, full steel materials, flat cab, central locking function, electrical controlled window, adjustable driver's seat and co-driver's seat, stereo radio cassette recorder, safety belts, air horn, air conditioner, rear view mirrors, ABS

Driving Type

4x2 Left hand driving

Max Speed (km/h)


Overall Dimension (mm)


GVW (kg)


Curb Weight (kg)


Wheelbase (mm)


Front wheel track (mm)


Rear wheel tack (mm)



Monolithic, dry, diaphragm spring clutches


Hydraulic steering with power assistance

Leaf Springs






Total 7 pieces, including 1 spare tire

Gear box





Forward Speeds


Rear Speeds



Axle Nos


Front axles loading capacity (kg)


Rear axles loading capacity (kg)







Emission Standard


Fuel Type

Diesel fuel

Air Intake Form

In-line 6 cylinders, water cooling, turbocharging and intercooling

Cylinder Nos


Displacement (ml)


Max. Output Power (kw)


Max output power (hp)


Max torque (N.m)


Braking System

Service Brake

Compressed air brake

Park Brake

Spring energy

Auxiliary brake

Engine exhaust brake

Electric system


Upper body specifications


Water Tank




Q235 Carbon steel, with anti-rust treatment inside

Foam Tank




Stainless steel

Fire Pump


CB 10/60

Rated Flow

60 L/S

Outlet Pressure

1 Mpa



Rotate Speed

3100 r/min

Fire Monitor




48 L/S



≥65 M


≥55 M

Working Pressure Range 

0.8~1 MPA

Pitching Rotation Angle

-30°~ 70°

Horizontal Swing Angle

0 ~360°


Use sandwich PTO, splashing-type lubricate, can put out fire when driving.


Carriage is made of high quality steel and Aluminum embossed sheet

Pump room

On the rear or central of truck, there are pump system and pipeline, reasonable structure. Easily operate all meters and operate-switch.

Rolling Shutter Door

Light and high quality aluminum alloy rolling shutter door, neatly open and close, good seal, low noise, beauty outside, and with one set lock.


Red color

How to maintain the ISUZU foam fire truck after extinguishing the fire

ISUZU foam fire trucks must be carefully maintained after fire extinguishing operations, because the foam used is corrosive and must be maintained and maintained in accordance with regulations. After the ISUZU foam fire truck performs fire-fighting operations, we need to perform maintenance work based on the environment in which it is used and the condition of its components.

1. The chassis and engine of the ISUZU foam fire truck can be maintained according to the maintenance manual.

2. To ensure that the fire pump can work reliably, it is very important to flush the fire pump, water diversion pump and foam proportioning mixer after each use of foam or salty water:

a. Connect the water hose to the outlets on both sides of the fire pump, connect the foam outer suction pipe and put it into the clean water. After running the pump to draw water, use low-pressure operation to open the foam operating valve;

b. Open the water pump outlet, adjust the speed, and increase the pump pressure to a maximum of 0.5MPa;

c. Before completing flushing, adjust the water pump speed so that the outlet pressure is lower than 0.2MPa, and turn on the pump water diversion switch until clean water flows out of the exhaust pipe. 

3. It is very important to perform regular maintenance on various parts of the ISUZU foam fire truck. The main ones are:

a. Make sure that the ISUZU foam fire truck has enough fuel, lubricating oil, cooling water, air source, power supply and it is better to perform it regularly;

b. Frequently check whether the circuits, oil lines and fire-fighting components are normal, and whether various instruments, signal lights, switches, and lights are intact; water tanks and foam tanks are filled with water and foam liquid according to specifications;

c. Regularly inspect the engine, power take-off and transmission parts, and conduct a vacuum test every day to ensure that the function of the water pump parts meets the specifications; all types of valves and moving parts must be lubricated frequently, and their sensitivity must be tested regularly;

d. Check whether the oil level at the water diversion pump, water pump gearbox, and power take-off is at the calibrated position, and whether the oil quality meets the standard. If the oil deteriorates, it should be replaced immediately;

e. ISUZU foam fire trucks should be cleaned after use, and the surface should be dried with clean, soft cotton gauze or towel to ensure the surface gloss of the vehicle. Keep the pump room and equipment rooms clean, and keep equipment neatly placed.

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