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Moldova Isuzu KV100 Refuse compactor Truck

Moldova New Isuzu Rear loader garbage truck
Moldova New Isuzu Rear loader garbage truck
Moldova New Isuzu Rear loader garbage truck
Moldova New Isuzu Rear loader garbage truck
Moldova New Isuzu Rear loader garbage truck
Moldova New Isuzu Rear loader garbage truck
Moldova New Isuzu Rear loader garbage truck
Moldova New Isuzu Rear loader garbage truck
Moldova New Isuzu Rear loader garbage truck
Moldova New Isuzu Rear loader garbage truck
Moldova New Isuzu Rear loader garbage truck
Moldova New Isuzu Rear loader garbage truck
Moldova New Isuzu Rear loader garbage truck

Moldova Isuzu KV100 Refuse compactor Truck

Moldova New Isuzu KV100 Refuse Compactor Truck is a reliable and efficient waste management vehicle, offering enhanced compaction capabilities, durability, and maneuverability. Its user-friendly design, advanced safety features, and after-sales service make it an ideal choice for waste management companies operating in diverse environments.
  • Work capacity:

    8 CBM
  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

    120 HP
  • Engine type:

    Isuzu 4KH1
  • Axle drive:

  • Gear box:

    Isuzu MSB5S
  • Remarks:

    Easy & Smart PLC control system.

The new Moldova Isuzu KV100 Refuse compactor Truck by the Moldovan government holds significant importance in improving the environment of the capital city. The Moldova Isuzu KV100 garbage compactor Truck is known for its efficiency, durability, and advanced waste management capabilities, making it an ideal solution for addressing the environmental challenges in the capital.

  1. Enhanced Waste Management Efficiency: The efficient compaction system of the Isuzu KV100 rear load garbage truck allows for the effective reduction of waste volume. This significantly increases the capacity of waste collection and transportation, reducing the number of trips required. By optimizing waste management operations, the Isuzu KV100 helps in promoting a more systematic and efficient waste disposal process, subsequently improving the overall cleanliness of the city.

  1. Reduced Air and Water Pollution: Proper waste management is crucial in minimizing air and water pollution. The Isuzu KV100 back loading garbage truck ensures the secure transportation of waste to designated disposal sites, preventing accidental spillage or leakage that can contaminate the environment. By reducing pollution levels, the health and well-being of the population are safeguarded, and the quality of the air and water resources in the capital city is improved.

1.The Moldova Isuzu KV100 Refuse compactor Truck is equipped with domestic advanced Isuzu chassis, imported hydraulic and electrical components, which are stable and reliable performance. The drum shape structure is simple and elegant, and made of high-strength manganese, which is strong and durable.
2.Big carriage volume, two-way compression technology, horizontally compression cylinder, high compressed capacity and strong loading capacity.
3.Using composite seal and good anti-acid EPDM seal, they are both good sealing performance. There are sewage tanks to collect water in front and rear compartments, to prevent secondary pollution.
4.It’s easy and flexible to joint operate with manual and PLC control. All operating actions can be completed in the cab, which enhance reliability and improved safety and comfort.
5.Engine power output is automatic, lower fuel consumption and more economy.
6.Stuffing box has a safety valve lift mechanism and explosion-proof valve, which can improve the safety and also double insurance.

7.The feeding mechanism can choose bucket mechanism (with 330L steel or 240L plastic barrel), the arm mechanism (with 5 m³ ship-shape bucket) .

Specifications of Moldova Isuzu KV100 Refuse compactor Truck 8cubic meters

Truck Specification
Product Name ISUZU KV100 8m³ Refuse Compactor Truck (Waste Compactor Trucks
Truck Manufacturer Powerstar Trucks
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) About 6350*2300*2680mm
Chassis Specification
Cabin ISUZU NPR cabin, 2 persons allowed, with A/C
Drive type 4x2
wheelbase 3815
Fuel type of engine Diesel
Engine Model ISUZU 4KH1
Maximum horse power 120HP
Number of cylinders 4
Emission standard Euro 4
Gear box Type Manual, 6 forward & 1 rear
Tyres Size 7.00R16

Quantity 6+1 spare tire
Upper body specification
Waste Tank Capacity 8m³ / 8,000Liters /8CBM/ 8 CU.M
Tank Material 5mm Q235 Carbon steel
Function 1. Can choose 240L (single bin, double bins) and turnover device(plastic or steel garbage bin), can also choose ground hopper, swing arm device or other kinds of loading device.
2. With manual and automatic two sets of control method, the operator can control in the cabin, in the middle side or the back of the truck, very convenient and efficient. With working device of emergency braking stop button.
3. Garbage body use frame design, elegant, strong structure, large effective capacity.
4. Equipped with special collection box, sewage directly into the sewage tank in the process of compression, that is effectively prevent second pollution caused by sewage leaks.
5. Through hydraulic system design, the truck achieve the function of two-way garbage compression, that is improve the compressibility, make the compression ratio up to 1:2.5, the garbage can reach more then 600~800kg/m³ after compression.CAN electric automatic control.

Spare parts for ISUZU KV100 refuse compactor trucks

Option bin lifter system for Moldova Isuzu KV100 trash compactor truck

  • Robust Chassis: The truck is built on a sturdy chassis, ensuring durability and stability during waste collection and compaction operations.
  • Efficient Compaction System: The KV100 is equipped with a high-quality compaction system, capable of reducing waste volume by compacting it effectively. This allows for optimized waste collection and transportation, maximizing load capacities and reducing operational costs.
  • Spacious and Ergonomic Cab: The truck's cabin is designed for comfort and convenience, with ample space for the driver and crew members. The ergonomic layout enhances productivity and reduces driver fatigue during long and demanding waste collection shifts.
  • User-friendly Controls: The KV100 features intuitive controls, allowing for easy operation and efficient waste compaction. The driver can conveniently control compaction levels and dumping mechanisms to streamline the waste management process.
  • Safety Features: The truck is equipped with advanced safety features, including anti-lock braking systems, traction control, and additional safety measures to ensure a secure working environment for the driver and crew.

Rear view of Moldova Isuzu KV100 refuse collection compactor truck

Final testing of Isuzu KV100 refuse compactor vehicle for Moldova market

Lifting test of Isuzu KV100 solid waste compactor truck for Moldova customer

  1. Advantages:
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The efficient compaction system of the KV100 maximizes waste storage capacity, reducing the number of trips required for waste collection. This results in increased productivity and cost savings for waste management companies.
  • Durability and Reliability: Isuzu's reputation for manufacturing dependable vehicles ensures that the KV100 is built to withstand the rigors of waste management operations, ensuring long-term durability and reliability.
  • Maneuverability: The compact design of the truck enables it to navigate through narrow streets and crowded urban environments easily, facilitating efficient waste collection in tight spaces.

1100L rear bin lorry system of Moldova KV100 Iusuz waste compactor vehicle

PLC Control box of Moldova KV100 Isuzu rear loader garbage truck

Hydraulic control level of Moldova Isuzu KV100 trash compactor truck

  1. Application:
    The Isuzu KV100 Refuse Compactor Truck is suitable for a wide range of waste management applications, including:
  • Residential Areas: It efficiently collects and compacts household waste in residential neighborhoods.
  • Commercial Establishments: The versatile design allows for waste collection from commercial centers, hotels, and shopping complexes.
  • Industrial Areas: The truck is capable of handling large volumes of waste generated by industrial sites and factories.
  1. After-sales service:
    Isuzu provides comprehensive after-sales support for the KV100 Refuse Compactor Truck, ensuring uninterrupted operation and maximizing customer satisfaction. This includes regular maintenance, spare parts availability, and technical assistance through their authorized service centers.

  2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
    Q1: What is the fuel efficiency of the Isuzu KV100 Refuse Compactor Truck?
    A1: The truck is equipped with Isuzu's advanced engine technology, ensuring optimal fuel efficiency.

Q2: Can the KV100 handle both solid and liquid waste?
A2: The KV100 is specifically designed for solid waste collection and compaction. It is not suitable for liquid waste disposal.

Q3: How often should the compaction system be maintained?
A3: Regular maintenance and inspections of the compaction system should be conducted as per Isuzu's guidelines and local regulations to ensure optimal performance.

Q4: Can the truck be customized for specific waste management requirements?
A4: Isuzu offers customization options to meet specific customer needs, such as different waste container sizes, additional features, or branding options.

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