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Nigeria 5Tons Isuzu Garage Truck for waste transportation

Hydraulic 3tons 5Tons Isuzu Garage Truck for waste transportation



Nigeria 5Tons Isuzu Garage Truck for waste transportation


 5Tons Isuzu Garage Truck for waste transportation


The new generation Refuse Garbge Compactor is mainly used in collecting and transporting the scattering refuse of the urban area, community, factory, school yard.

The refined appearance, the fully sealed truck body, the sealed door of the truck body is able to prevent the sewage from leaking during transporting so that secondary pollution is avoided. The imported hydraulic units are of the best quality with convenience and reliability.


Areas of Application and Use:      

   Urban area or community garbage collecting

   Schoolyard garbage collecting

   Factory garbage collecting

   Suburban waste transfer

   Non-construction waste collecting



   Easy operation and easy maintenance!

   With imported PLC (programmable logic controller) for integrated control

   Collecting refuse in sealed condition, equipping with waste water tank, preventing re-pollution.

  Substantial truss structure, payload distributed appropriately in hopper lip, no deformation.

  Automatic controlled throttle and hydraulic safety valves, avoiding power wastage, lower oil consumption.

  Automatic and manual operating control, improving operation reliability

  The engine power output control, namely the throttle control, can realize fully automatic control through the electronic throttle controller, so the engine will automatically change to a higher speed or idle speed under different operating modes, thus avoiding power loss and system heat to reduce fuel consumption and realize good economical efficiency. 

  Both automatic and manual control modes are available. Two operation boxes mounted in the cab and at the rear side of the vehicle respectively can facilitate the operation. 

  Different bin (hopper) tipping mechanisms are provided for different users to select in accordance with different garbage collecting


Main specifications:





Driving Type

4x2    (Left hand drive)


3815 mm

Overall Dimension

7250x2200x2600 mm

Garbage Container capacity


Loading type

Rear loading

Compression ratio

1: 3.2

Operation control system

Electrically hydraulic control + Manual hydraulic control

Discharging system

Horizontal ejection

Loading cycle time:   (sec)


Rubbish discharging time: (sec)


Max hydraulic pressure (Mpa)


Feeding equipment lift angle


Multi-way shuttle valve


Body material

Weather resisting steel


Forward control over engine, all-steel-welded construction





Diesel, turbo charged inter-cooled, 4 cylinder

Max. Power:

139 KW (190HP)


MLD 6-shift, mechanical type, 6 forward and 1 reverse with




Red    (Any color & logos up to wish)

Max Speed

90 km/h


Isuzu Garbage compactor truck workshop factory

Working Principles of ISUZU Truck Garbage Compactor

8Cubic meter ELF ISUZU Refuse Truck Compactor

Different bin (hopper) tipping mechanisms:


ISUZU garbage compactor vehicle for shipment


Recently Built Garbage Compactor Truck:

5Tons Isuzu Garage Truck for waste transportation

5Tons Isuzu Garage Truck for waste transportation

5Tons Isuzu Garage Truck for waste transportation

5Tons Isuzu Garage Truck for waste transportation

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