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Aerial Work Platforms truck ISUZU (also called Man Lifter truck with crane, truck mounted aerial work platform, Telescoping boom aerial platform, Aerial working platfroms, aerial lift, hydraulic beam lifter, hydraulic aerial platform vehicle, aerial boom lift, bucket truck, overhead working truck, sky lift etc.) is ideal for maintenance of traffic lights, street lights, landscaping trees, cleaning/setting signboard and other high aerial works.  

ISUZU aerial work platforms are available of 8m-12m, 14m-16m, 18m, 20m-22m, 24-26m. Insulated cage is optional.  

Telescopic Boom Crane Isuzu crane trucks Isuzu aerial working platform truck 
Bucket crane truck isuzu elf

Telescopic Aerial Truck Isuzu

20M working height

16M working height 

18M working height

 Hydraulic Beam Lifter isuzu 22meters  Japan ISUZU Manlift boom truck  Aerial working truck Isuzu

Aerial Lift Truck Isuzu

18M~20M working height

ManLifter Truck Isuzu

20M working height

  Aerial Working Truck Isuzu

22M~26M working height

 ISUZU GIGA Manlifter Aerial Platform Truck    
ISUZU GIGA Manlifter with Crane

20M working height




Armenia ISUZU 20 meters aerial platform truck with folding manlift

ISUZU GIGA Manlifter Aerial Platform Truck

Isuzu GIGA Aerial work platforms play a significant role at worksite, particularly for the construction of electrical and telecommunication infrastructures, that are essential for daily life

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bucket boom truck FAW lifting platform truck

Mobile Man Lifter truck FAW

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Basket cranes Dongfeng Aerial Platform Lift Bucket Truck

Hydraulic aerial platform truck Dongfeng

Boom lift, bucket truck, bucket boom truck, aerial working platform (truck mounted), truck mounted aerial platform, truck mounted aerial lift, aerial platform truck

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hydraulic lifting platform truck Isuzu telescopic platform truck.

Mobile man lift truck JMC

high platform truck, mobile man lift vehicle, articulated telescopic aerial truck, basket crane truck, aerial platform operation truck

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