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Best Hook Lift Garbage Trucks manufacturer and supplier, our business range: Isuzu Rubbish compactor truck, Isuzu Road Sweeper truck, Isuzu Water Jetting vehicles, Isuzu Combined Sewer Jetting Vacuum Truck, Isuzu water truck often with good reputation.

Isuzu Hooklift truck (also called as Detachable compartment garbage truck, Hook lift garbage truck, Diesel type Hydraulic hook lift truck, Hook lift rubbish truck with hydraulic system, Hook loader truck, Hooklift bin garbage truck, Mini hook lift garbage truck) is widely used for the transportation of garbage and coal ash in the garbage transfer station, garbage disposal plant, household domestic refuse collecting station, power plant and other places. The product uses the doemstic well-know second class chassis, and matches with various hydraulic lifting devices, providing you with the perfect and the ideal garbage transport tool.

Detachable garbage bin trucks
 Isuzu Truck mounted Hook Lift Garbage Box with Wheels / Garbage Truck  Hook lift garbage truck Isuzu with 5 cbm loading capacity for sale  Isuzu hook loader garbage truck by powerstar

 Detachable Container Garbage Truck

(1.5 Tons)

Hook Loader Truck Isuzu 

8 Tons

 ISUZU Hook arm garbage truck  Arm hook lift truck Roll-off garbage bin truck 3tons 5tons side loader Isuzu swing arm container garbage truck  

Arm-roll refuse truck


 Arm Hook Lift Truck

12 Tons

6 cbm

Compression Garbage Truck Isuzu 4 CBM NPR Compression Garbage Truck ISUZU ELF  Sewage suction tank trucks Isuzu 3,000 L  Sewer tank truck isuzu

Refuse Compactor Isuzu

6~8 CBM

Refuse Compactor Isuzu

 6~8 CBM



Road Sweeper Isuzu  Myanmar Mechanical road sweeping vehicle for sale by powerstar  Water trucks isuzu elf 5,000L  water tanker truck isuzu 20000L

 Road Sweeper Isuzu

4m3 + 1m3 

Street Washers Sweeper

6m3 Dustbin + 2m3Water 

Water Trucks Isuzu ELF







8ton hook arm garbage truck Isuuz

Hook loader garbage truck with hook lift

Isuzu hook arm garbage truck for sale for sale 

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