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ISUZU FTR Sewer Vactor Truck

ISUZU FTR sewage tank truck for sale
ISUZU FTR sewage tank truck for sale
ISUZU FTR sewage tank truck for sale
ISUZU FTR sewage tank truck for sale
ISUZU FTR sewage tank truck for sale
ISUZU FTR sewage tank truck for sale
ISUZU FTR sewage tank truck for sale
ISUZU FTR sewage tank truck for sale
ISUZU FTR sewage tank truck for sale
ISUZU FTR sewage tank truck for sale
ISUZU FTR sewage tank truck for sale
ISUZU FTR sewage tank truck for sale

ISUZU FTR Sewer Vactor Truck

The Isuzu vacuum tanker truck is a powerful and versatile sanitation vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with a high-power vacuum pump that can produce powerful suction to cope with sewage suction needs in various situations. At the same time, the vehicle also adopts a pressure protection system. When the pressure in the sewage suction pipeline exceeds a certain range, the system will automatically stop working to protect the equipment from damage. The tank body of the vehicle is made of high-strength materials and can withstand the pressure of high pressure and deep pumping. In addition, the vehicle is also equipped with safety devices such as explosion-proof pressure valves and safety valves to ensure that the pressure can be released in time when abnormal conditions occur and prevent safety accidents.

  • Work capacity:

    12000 liters
  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

    205 HP
  • Engine type:

  • Axle drive:

  • Gear box:

    MLD 6-speed manual
  • Remarks:

    Italy Jurop vacuum pump, large volume vacuum tank

The Isuzu FTR sewer vactor truck is a vehicle specially used to clean sewage, sludge and other liquid waste. Its working principle is to use a vacuum pump to generate negative pressure and extract the air from the tank to form a vacuum state. When the vacuum pump is running, the sewage suction pipe is immersed in the liquid surface, and liquid dirt is sucked into the tank through the sewage suction pipe under the action of atmospheric pressure. In the tank, sewage and dirt are collected through the pipeline system and transported to the designated sewage outlet. A sewage outlet is usually connected to a sewer or other sewage treatment facility to discharge sewage to an appropriate place for treatment or discharge.


During the entire suction and discharge process, the Isuzu sewer pump truck adopts an efficient and reliable hydraulic system to ensure the safety and reliability of operation. The tank can be lifted, lowered and turned over by the hydraulic system to facilitate cleaning and discharge of sewage.

Product Specifications

Main parameters

Vehicle Name

ISUZU FTR vacuum sewage truck

Driving Type 

4×2,left hand drive




Gross vehicle weight (kg)


Max. loading (kg)


Curb weight (kg)





Overall Dimension(mm)


Tanker V0lume

12000 liters


 Engine model


Engine type

4 stroke water-cooled,inter-cooling

No. of cylinders

straight-4 cylinders



Max. output


Drive Line


MLD-6 speed ,6 forwards,1 reverse gear, manual


Power steering


Air brake





2 seats with one sleeper

Standard configuration 



Front axle


Rear axle

13 tons

Tire specification

Tire specification 

10.00R20 standard tire,6 tires+1 spare tire

Upper body parameters

Vacuum pump

Italy Jurop PN106D


Equipped with PTO, transmission shaft, high pressure sewage tank, pipe network, sewage pipe for observing and cleanout equipment


Electric system 



A tool box, hand washing tank

Product Advantages

The main advantages of the Isuzu FTR sewage suction truck include:

1. Efficient: The vehicle adopts advanced sewage suction technology, which can quickly clean up various wastes and improve work efficiency.

2. Reliable: The vehicle’s components and equipment have been carefully designed and tested to have high reliability and durability.

3. Convenience: The vehicle is simple and convenient to operate and can adapt to different working environments and needs.

4. Environmental protection: The truck can effectively reduce waste emissions and protect environmental sanitation.

Vacuum tank truck operatoin process

The sewage suction operation process of Isuzu FTR sewage tank truck mainly includes the following steps:

1. Confirm the areas and points that need to be cleaned, and clean the site to ensure safe operation.

2. Place the sewage suction pipe of the vacuum truck into the sewage or sludge that needs to be cleaned, and start the sewage suction pump.

3. The vacuum pump starts working and sucks sewage or sludge into the tank through the pipe.

4. After the vacuum tank is full, discharge the sewage in the tank to the designated sewage treatment facility through the sewage outlet.

5. Repeat the above steps until all areas and points that need to be cleaned are cleaned.


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