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1, What is a Isuzu Fuel Tank Truck, and how to buy a Isuzu Fuel Tank Truck?

 Isuzu Fuel Tank Trucks (also called as Isuzu oil tanker truck, Isuzu mobile refueling trucks, Isuzu Fuel Bowser,  Isuzu Oil lorry, Isuzu Fuel/Oil delivery truck, Refueling Truck Fuel Tanker Isuzu, diesel Oil Transport Truck, oil tank truck for sale, ) is mainly suitable for transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives which include gasoline, diesel oil, crude oil, lubrication oil coal tar and more. It comes with many functions like oil refueling and carrying according to different operating environments.

As best of Isuzu Fuel Tanker Truck supplier in China, Powerstar Trucks can customize Isuzu Fuel/oil Tanker Vehicle based on your project. Including Isuzu NPR fuel tanker truck, Isuzu 100P/600P/700P mobile refueling truck, Isuzu FTR/FVR oil tank Truck, Isuzu Giga Fuel transport tanker Truck and so on.

2, Advantages of Isuzu Fuel Tank Truck?

# 1  World Class Isuzu Fuel Truck chassis

# 2  Fuel Truck Body Volume 2,000L~30,000L

# 3  20 years in oil tank body Design & Manufacturing..

# 4  Huge safety devices ensure efficient working.

# 5  Fuel dispenser with print

3, What are the Isuzu Fuel Tank Truck used for?

# 1  Transport Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, Crude oil and so on.

# 2  Petrol Station

# 3  Mobile Refueling service

 ISUZU Aircraft Refueling Air Plane Refueller Aircraft Fuel Dispenser Truck  Brand new ISUZU 4X4 NPR/ELF/700P Off road Fuel oil tanker trucks  Isuzu 4X4 AWD Fuel oil tank trucks

Isuzu Aircraft Refueller


Isuzu 4x4 NPR Off road Fuel Tanker

(4X4 6,000L)

Isuzu 4x4 AWD Oil Trucks

(4X4 4,000L)

Refueling truck isuzu ISUZU OIL TANKER TRUCKS
 Gasoline diesel Isuzu fuel delivery tanker trucks

Isuzu fuel tanker trucks


Isuzu Mobile Refueling Truck


    ISUZU FTR fuel bower oil tanker trucks

Isuzu ELF fuel delivery truck


Isuzu NPR Fuel Bowser Truck


Isuzu FTR Oil Tanker Truck


Philippines Oil bowser Fuel Tank Truck Isuzu 16,000L for sale   Petrol Bowser Truck Isuzu (20,000 Liters)  Isuzu Giga Fuel oil Tank Trucks

Isuzu FTR Fuel Bowser Vehicle


Isuzu Oil Transportation Truck


Isuzu Giga Fuel Oil Trucks





ISUZU 600P 130HP 5CBM mobile fuel tank truck for sale

ISUZU 6 wheeler 5000 liters refueling truck for sale

ISUZU 4×2 NKR 130HP Fuel tank truck (ISUZU Refueling Truck, Fuel bowser, Diesel tank truck) are used for transportation diesel, oil, petrol and so on. 

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ISUZU 100P 98HP 4000L oil tank truck exported to Philippines

ISUZU NKR/ELF 100P 4000 liters refueling truck for Philippines

ISUZU 4×2 Fuel Tanker Truck (ISUZU NKR/100P Diesel Tank Truck, refueling truck) are used for transportation diesel, oil, petrol and so on.

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Brand new ISUZU 700P 190HP 8000L fuel truck for sale

ISUZU 700P/NPR 8000 liters oil bowser at discount price

ISUZU 6 wheeler 700P 190HP Fuel Filling Truck (ISUZU NPR Diesel Bowser Truck, Petrol Tank Truck ) are used for transportation diesel, oil, petrol and so on. 

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