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Isuzu mobile refueling truck

ISUZU 600P mobile fuel tank truck for sale
ISUZU 600P mobile fuel tank truck for sale
ISUZU 600P mobile fuel tank truck for sale
ISUZU 600P mobile fuel tank truck for sale
ISUZU 600P mobile fuel tank truck for sale
ISUZU 600P mobile fuel tank truck for sale
ISUZU 600P mobile fuel tank truck for sale
ISUZU 600P mobile fuel tank truck for sale
ISUZU 600P mobile fuel tank truck for sale

Isuzu mobile refueling truck

The Isuzu mobile fuel truck is modified on the Isuzu 600P chassis. The chassis is 4X2 drive model and its wheelbase is 3300mm. The truck has an Isuzu NKR classic cab and an Isuzu 130-horsepower diesel engine. The tank body of the Isuzu refueling truck is produced strictly according to the size required by the customer, with a capacity of 5000L. It is equipped with a well-known Chinese brand oil pump, European standard tank mouth, subsea valve, subsea valve automatic closing system, refueling machine and 15-meter automatic return reel.

  • Work capacity:

    5000 Liters
  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

    130 HP
  • Engine type:

  • Axle drive:

  • Gear box:

    MSB 5-speed, manual
  • Remarks:

    5CBM fuel tanker, equipped with fuel dispenser

The Isuzu mobile refueling truck is a compact and efficient refueling tool that is often used in urban gas stations, warehousing and logistics centers, small construction sites and other environments. With its small size and convenience, this mini fuel truck is suitable for refueling operations in narrow roads and spaces, providing users with a convenient refueling solution.


The compact and flexible size makes it suitable for entering narrow urban roads and construction sites, and can easily shuttle through different working environments. Although the capacity of the 5000-liter fuel storage tank is small, it is enough to meet the needs of small-scale refueling, providing convenient refueling services, reducing refueling frequency, and improving work efficiency. The Isuzu mobile fuel truck is equipped with convenient refueling equipment and monitoring system, so operators can easily monitor and manage the oil volume. The body design is user-friendly, the cab is comfortable and easy to operate, which improves the driver's work efficiency and comfort.


Isuzu fuel trucks are equipped with high-quality fuel pumps and pipeline systems to ensure the stability and accuracy of fueling operations. The vehicle is also equipped with explosion-proof equipment and safety protection devices, providing additional security for refueling operations and ensuring the safety of the operator.

Product Parameters




Gross vehicle weight (kg)

7300 kg

Curb weight (kg)

4200 kg

Wheelbase (mm)

3360 mm

Dimensions (mm)

5900X2000X2400 mm

Front/Rear Axle loading (kg)

2500/4800 kg

Wheel track (front/rear) (mm)

1880/1800 mm

Front/Rear overhang (mm)

1430/2370 mm

Approach/Departure angle (°)


Max. driving speed (km/h)

95 km/h


Reinforced diaphragm clutch


Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brake                                           

Parking brake:(emergency brake): spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust valve brake

Steering Gear

Power steering, hydraulic steering with power assistance



6 pcs with one spare tire




Manual type, 5 Forwards and 1 reverse


Two seats, with Air Conditioner






Fuel type


Displacement (ml)

2999 ml

Power (kw)

96 kw

Horsepower (HP)


Cylinder number


Emission standard

Euro V

Fuel Tank

Fuel tank

Capacity (cbm/liters)


Tank material

Q235 carbon steel

Thickness (mm)

4 mm of tank body and 5 mm of head cover

Compartment No.


Fuel pump

China famous brand

Fuel dispenser

China famous brand


1 No, 4 mm carbon steel

Manhole cover

1 manhole cover, 500mm 1 set with breather valve

Bottom Valve

1 set of API Pneumatic Bottom Valve

Discharging valve

1 set discharging valve


Two sides


At rear of tank


Color and design as customer's requirement


The configuration of Isuzu mobile fuel truck is as follows:

1. Isuzu fuel truck consists of chassis, oil tank, tanker, oil and gas recovery system and pipeline system.

2. The chassis is Qingling Isuzu high-end light truck chassis, equipped with Isuzu 130 horsepower diesel engine, 5-speed gearbox, 7.00R16 all-steel radial tires, with air conditioning, steering assist, original steering, 2.5t front axle, 4.8t rear axle, strong carrying capacity.

3. The oil tank is made of carbon steel plates welded at one time, with anti-corrosion treatment on the surface, and oil-resistant materials sprayed on the inside after anti-rust treatment.

4. The refueling machine is a well-known Chinese brand computer-controlled refueling machine. It has self-priming and self-draining functions, and can self-flow, pump, and refuel outside and inside the tank. Equipped with luminous digital display function and automatic compensation function for temperature and density.

5. The oil and gas recovery system adopts vacuum self-priming recovery method, which can effectively prevent the volatilization and leakage of oil and gas.

6. The piping system is made of stainless steel spiral welding. The piping system is equipped with an emergency shut-off valve to ensure that the main power supply is cut off in an emergency to achieve safety protection.

7. Isuzu mobile refueling trucks are equipped with high-precision flow meters and liquid level meters, which can accurately measure the quantity and liquid level of oil products.

8. Isuzu mobile fueling truck adopts an advanced fuel supply system to ensure the quality and cleanliness of the oil.

9. The rear of the Isuzu fuel tank truck is equipped with eye-catching safety signs and warning lights to improve the safety of the vehicle at night and in bad weather.

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