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2015 HOT ISUZU brand Mobile Water Purification Truck

This type of Isuzu Mobile water purification truck using the technology of reverse osmosis film, is automation and simple operation,

also good maneuverability.It is suitable for field operation, natural disasters, pollution accident ect. emergency situations ,which

need to provide drinking water.



1.It is simple to make arrangements for somewhere you need,because it can be loaded by transport vehicle.

2.The carriage is made by high quality steel. It is light and the Structural strength is good.

3. Water filtration system which using the technology of reverse osmosis film  Can effectively remove bacteria and viruses and all kinds of heavy metals and other harmful

    substances.The purified water can meet GB5749-2006.

4.The system is able to clean river water,lake water, groundwater, municipal wastewater and a part of industrial wastewater.

5.The system is efficient, which can producte 100 tons of water per day.Also,we can customized the Parameters for you.

6.The system is automatic,which is controllde by PLC.The cleaning of sand filter and Reverse osmosis membrane is autorun.So it is simple for operator.

7.The production has an engine group.It can work without any power supply.


  Technical Data:


Model                                       PT5160XJS 

Chassis Model                         FVR

Emisssion Standrd                       EURO4

Engine Model/Power(kW)         6HK1

Maximum Driving Speed(km/h)     90

Technology of purging Water             reverse osmosis film

Water Purification Ability(t/h)               4

Purified Water Standard                  GB5749-2006  

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