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About the hook arm structure of ISUZU hook loader garbage truck

The hook arm of the ISUZU hook loader is the main working device, which is used for hoisting, unloading or tipping the waste. There are four main types of pull arm structures: straight type, telescopic type, folding type and composite type, of which the composite type is a combination of telescopic pull arm type and folding type, which is rare in practical applications, so today we will talk about the characteristics of the other three structures:

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The straight type is an L-shaped structure, and the L-shaped angle is a right angle. The advantages of this structure are simple structure, low difficulty in production and assembly, and simple operation. The disadvantage is that a large operating space is required during the operation, the loading angle is large, the accuracy is relatively low, the turning range is small, and the shank is low, which requires a low chassis, so this type of hook is suitable for vehicles with a wheelbase of less than 4.2 meters.

ISUZU 6 wheeler hook loader garbage truck

The telescopic type is also called a sleeve hook arm. Although it looks like a straight type, the lifting arm can be extended and retracted when working. The advantages of this structure are strong and durable, large bearing capacity, freely retractable length, stable operation process, small impact, and low requirements on the shape of the inner arc of the hook head. The disadvantage is that the structure is more complicated, the production and installation process have high technological requirements, and the arm increases the weight of the whole vehicle, which naturally reduces the load capacity. Therefore, this structure is usually used in models with a wheelbase of 4.5 meters and above.

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The foldable type is also used less, the shank is low, and the hook arm hook is hydraulically driven to fold freely at 0-90 degrees. This type is usually customized according to customer requirements. Whats APP 0086 136 7721 8585