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Ethiopia - ISUZU 700P 4×4 passenger carrier truck exported from POWERSTAR factory

On August 8th, 2022, POWERSTAR produced ISUZU 700P 4×4 Passenger Carrier Truck  was delivered to Shanghai port to catch RORO. The truck will be shipped to Ethiopia.

ISUZU 700P 4WD passenger transport truck for sale

This ISUZU 700P 4×4 AWD troop carrier truck is customized for our Africa customer. Mr Brady is a business man from Ethiopia who regularly procures special purpose vehicles for their government. In July of this year, he got the order of 1 unit ISUZU 700P 4×4 troop carrier truck. He got information of POWERSTAR TRUCKS from his business partner, who purchased from us ISUZU garbage compactor truck and vacuum tank truck last year. After several emails, we know his requirements very well. We provided our design proposal based his requirements and make CAD drawing for final confirmation. One month later, the truck was completed and ready for shipment.

ISUZU 700P 4WD troop carrier truck at best price

The ISUZU 4×4 Soldier Carrier Truck  is based on ISUZU 700P 4×4 all wheel drive medium duty chassis, equipped with ISUZU 190HP Euro 5 diesel engine, MLD 6-speed manual gearbox. The van body is made of high quality carbon steel, installing 20 seats with belts, air conditioner, tempered fixed glass windows, LED light, etc.

Good price ISUZU 700P 4WD off-road soldier carrier truck for sale

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