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ISUZU 9000L potable water truck export Antigua and Barbuda Operation Manual
2022-07-20 Download

POWERSTAR TRUCKS manufactured and exported ISUZU Potable Water Bowser Tanker Truck (also called Water delivery tanker truck, Water tank sprinkler truck, Water tank lorry) is produced for transportation and distrubition of industrial and drinking water, spraying and washing of streets and tunnels, dust and environmental control and fire-fighting purposes. In order to achieve those different operations , each water tanker truck is equipped with various features and it’s designed according to capacity of the carrier vehicle.

1. Optional chassis brand of portable water truck: ISUZU, Dongfeng, Sinotruk HOWO, FOTON/Forland, Faw/JIEFANG, Shacman, IVECO, LIUQI, etc.

2.Tank body is automatically welded by the national standard food grade high-quality steel plate 304-2B, very suitable for drinking water storage and transportation. Which can be self-absorbed and added with water + fire hydrant with water + tank top with water.

3.Pipeline adopts large-diameter seamless steel pipe + large-diameter ball valve, with large flow and long range, 2 front hedges, 2 rear sprinklers for dust reduction, and 2 side spray irrigation.

4. Rear large platform is equipped with a green water cannon with a range of 28 meters and can be rotated in all directions. It can be continuously adjusted to straight, heavy rain, light rain, drizzle, and fog.


The original Japanese ISUZU ELF 9000liters drinking water bowser are use ISUZU 4HK1 model 190HP diesel engine, MLD 6-shift manual gearbox, 4175mm wheelbase, 235/75R17.5 tire with 6+1 units, food grade stainless steel 304-2B material, oval shape water tanker with capacity 9CBM, equipped with top Chinese brand Stainless Steel water pump, with pump in and pump out functions. With 6 units rear water spraying nozzles, very suitable for drinking drinking water storage and transportation working. All painting and logos 100% based on customer requirement.


Here below link is Original JAPANESE ISUZU water bowser truck with CCC and ISO 9001 operation Manual for guidance:



ISUZU 9000L water truck export Antigua and Barbuda0

Factory directly sale ISUZU ELF 9tons potable water bowser truck export to Antigua and Barbuda

ISUZU 9000L water truck export Antigua and Barbuda0

1 unit ISUZU 9CBM Drinking Water Truck, ISUZU ELF NPR 9000L potable water bowser export to Caribbean Country

ISUZU 9000L water truck export Antigua and Barbuda0

Customized 6 units rear discharge nozzles, which can work separately. Operation Guidance

ISUZU 9000L water truck export Antigua and Barbuda0

All POWERSTAR produced ISUZU 9CBM potable water bowser trucks can suitable for 40HQ container delivery


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