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POWERSTAR ISUZU 5+1CBM Road Sweeper Truck export Philippine
2022-08-19 Download

POWERSTAR TRUCKS manufactured and exported ISUZU road sweeper trucks many years with good reputation. Road sweeper truck also called( wet street sweeper , municipal vehicle ,washer and sweeping car , street cleaner sweeper and clean street cleaning vehicle), is suitable for brushing , suction and transportation of dusts,leaves,mud , soil , sand , stones, gravels and other small particles on the ground of city roads and areas , This unit shall be suitable for dry type clean wall as dust suppression with water spray in the road side and narrow lanes .

The garbage bin adopts a whole stainless-steel single-layer structure, which is not rusty as a whole. The garbage tank adopts an inclined plate structure, which is convenient for unloading without manual intervention. With a variety of safety alarm devices: low water level of the clean water tank, operation reminder, auxiliary engine water temperature, oil pressure, reversing reminder, hydraulic oil leak alarm, dumpster tipping, reset safety alarm, and other devices.

The hydraulic system takes power from the chassis engine and the auxiliary engine respectively and controls the dumping of the garbage tank, the opening and closing of the tailgate, and the rotation of 5 cleaning motors through the electromagnetic hydraulic valve group. When dumping garbage, there is no need to start the auxiliary engine. The garbage tank can be dumped and the tailgate can be opened and closed directly through the main engine of the chassis, which is easy to operate. If the main engine fails and the body cannot work, the auxiliary engine can be used to realize the body movement, which is convenient for maintenance.


The original Japanese brand ISUZU 5-6cbm street sweeper lorry. Which based on original ISUZU chassis, 4KH1CN diesel engine with 130HP, ISUZU MSB 5-shift manual gearbox, 7.00-16tires with 6+1 units, including one spare tire, 3360mm wheelbase as standard. equipped with ISUZU technology auxiliary diesel engine, 4cbm dust bin and 1cbm water bin, both material are stainless steel. equipped with powerful fan system, 4 units sweeping booms with original import Italy brand hydraulic motor, as for rear suction system, which can be optional with rolling brushes or without. All painting and logos 100% based on customer requirement.


Here below link is best selling model 5cbm road sweeper body kit with CCC and ISO 9001 operation Manual for guidance:



POWERSTAR ISUZU Road Sweeper Truck--Philippine

Factory directly sale ISUZU NKR 5+1CBM road sweeper trucks to Philippines

POWERSTAR ISUZU Road Sweeper Truck--Philippine

1 unit 6CBM ISUZU Road Sweeper Lorry, 5+1cbm ISUZU road sweeping vehicle export to Philippines 

POWERSTAR ISUZU Road Sweeper Truck--Philippine

Original factory sale ISUZU 3-20cbm road sweeper trucks. Optional English, French, Arabic, Spanish, etc language for easy operation


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