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Euro5 Isuzu road wrecker truck with 4KH1CN5LS 72KW

The ISUZU wrecker truck is widely used on roads, airports, ports and in auto repairing industry or high-way Company, which can clean accident vehicles immediately.

If you have special demand of tow trucks, please contact with us. We may design and modify it for you. We also can add power steering and A/C for you.

Pictures of Isuzu flat wrecker towing truck(with Isuzu Euro 5 chassis QL1040A6HAY):Pictures of Japan ISUZU flat wrecker towing truck

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Road Wrecker  ISUZU ( 3 Ton )
General Vehicle Brand powerstar
Chassis Brand ISUZU 
Overall Dimension 5998 * 2330 * 2230 mm
GVW / Kerb Weight 4,495 kg / 3,800 kg
Cab Cab Capacity 2 persons allowed
Air Conditioner W/ air conditioner
Engine Fuel Type Diesel
Engine Brand ISUZU engine, 4HK1CN5LS
Power 98 Hp (72 KW)
Displacement 2999 ml
Emission Standard Euro V
Chassis Drive Type 4X2, left hand drive
Transmission ISUZU gear box, no overhaul within 500,000km
Wheelbase/No. of axle 3360 mm / 2
Tyre Specification 7.00-16
Tyre Number 6 tyres and 1 spare tyre
Max Speed 105 km/h
Paint Metallic paint
Superstructure Towing Type Slidebed with wheel-lift
Flatbed Payload Capacity 3 Ton
Flatbed Length 5.6 M
Towing capacity 3.5 Ton
All other standard accessories: Binding belt, auxiliary sliding board, spinning cylinder, L-type fork, tyre cover……
Optional ** LED alarm lamp is optional.
** Crane could be installed on flatbed wrecker.

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