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ISUZU Skip loader trucks (also called as Skip Lorry truck, Swing arm garbage truck, Arm roll garbage truck, Swept-body collector truck, Hydraulic bin lifter, Roll on Roll of garbage truck, Bins lifter,  Open bins loader vehicle) design to carry containers of uncompactable solid waste has structure which extension arms, too, can be added to acoording to the need. 

Stabilazation legs (jacks) can be made horizontal or vertical depending on the load state. There are available on it, a total number of six hydraulic and pneumatic cyclinder for hook holding system, these being, two numbers of lifting or extending and suppression.


Our skip loader truck capacity can be from 3m3, 5m3, 6m3, 8m3, 10m3, 12m3 to 18m3, and the key parts can be optional.

skip loader truck Isuzu arm roll container refuse truck

5-6cbm Skip Loader Isuzu Swing arm garbage truck

Mini swing arm garbage truck Isuzu skip loader truck arm roll container refuse truck 3-4cbm 

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Arm roll truck Isuzu multi skip lorry trucks

Skip Loader Truck Isuzu Skip Bin Lifter

Skiep loader garbage truck Isuzu, also called as skip lorry trucks, Mini skip trucks, Arm roll vehicle Isuzu, multi loader vehicles, skip lorry with Extending arms 

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