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Isuzu garbage rear loader

Isuzu FTR trash truck rear loader truck for sale
Isuzu FTR trash truck rear loader truck for sale
Isuzu FTR trash truck rear loader truck for sale
Isuzu FTR trash truck rear loader truck for sale
Isuzu FTR trash truck rear loader truck for sale
Isuzu FTR trash truck rear loader truck for sale
Isuzu FTR trash truck rear loader truck for sale
Isuzu FTR trash truck rear loader truck for sale
Isuzu FTR trash truck rear loader truck for sale
Isuzu FTR trash truck rear loader truck for sale
Isuzu FTR trash truck rear loader truck for sale

Isuzu garbage rear loader

Isuzu FTR FRR FSR FVR model 16cbm garbage compactor rear loader truck to be mounted with Japanese ISUZU diesel engine 4HK1-TC model with 205HP, Isuzu MLD model 6-shift manual gearbox with 6 forward and 1 reverse, CAN-BUS electric control system, both can be optional inside cabinet or at rear hopper, foot stand and handle can help workers collecting garbage on the street in Africa. rear tilting device, which designed to loading 240L, 360L, 660L, 770L. 1100L international standard bins. Time of discharging ≤ 30s; Time of loading ≤ 25s. For all 16cbm trash compactor body, which use electrophoretic painting, thus can extend the service life for all Isuzu rear loader trucks. And the logos can 100% customized to showing what the customers need.

  • Work capacity:

    16 CBM
  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

    205 hp
  • Engine type:

  • Axle drive:

  • Gear box:

    ISUZU MLD 6-shift Manual
  • Remarks:

    Electrophoretic painting and customized logos

Isuzu vehicle mounted garbage compactor is an essential piece of equipment for efficiently managing waste collection. This type of garbage compactor is mounted on isuzu truck chassis, allowing waste to be collected and compacted while on the move.

vehicle mounted garbage compactor is its ability to reduce the volume of waste, allowing for more efficient transportation and disposal. By compacting the waste, the compactor can significantly increase the amount of garbage that can be transported in a single trip. This can lead to cost savings and a reduction in the number of trips required for waste collection.

Products Parameters:

Isuzu garbage compression truck is a vehicle specially used for garbage collection and processing. It is usually equipped with a garbage bin body to store garbage. The pressure of the garbage bin body is very important. It directly affects the garbage processing efficiency and the working effect of the garbage compression truck. The pressure of the garbage bin body refers to the pressure inside the garbage bin body after the garbage is filled.
The compression truck compresses the garbage in the garbage bin through the compressor to reduce the volume of garbage and improve transportation efficiency. Therefore, the pressure of the garbage bin body must be large enough to withstand the huge pressure generated by the compressor, while maintaining structural stability to avoid deformation or rupture due to excessive garbage pressure.
Generally speaking, the design and manufacture of the garbage bin body have undergone strict calculations and tests to ensure that it can withstand pressure within a certain range. Usually made of high-strength steel plates or other alloy materials, they have excellent pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, reinforcement structures, such as thickened support columns and beams, will be installed inside the garbage bin body to enhance the overall strength and stability.
The pressure of the garbage bin body not only directly affects the compression effect of the garbage, but also affects the safe operation of the garbage compression truck. If the pressure of the garbage bin body is insufficient, it will affect the compression effect of the garbage, reduce the loading capacity of the garbage, increase the number of transportation times, and increase the transportation cost. If the pressure on the garbage bin body is too high, it may cause structural damage or leakage, causing environmental pollution and safety hazards.

ISUZU Garbage Rear Loader 10cbm refuse compactor truck Product Overview

Product name

10CBM ISUZU compacting garbage truck





Engine horsepower (HP)


Dimensions (mm)


Driving type

Left Hand Drive

Gross weight (kg)


Loading weight(kg)


Product parameters


Specification Standard Specification


Isuzu FTR cab, two seats and one sleeper, with air conditioner

Front axle

6.3 tons

Rear axle

13 tons


Isuzu MLD 6-speed transmission, manual

Chassis frame

Straight through reinforced girder


295/80R22.5 type tubeless tire 6 pieces

Power take-off interface



China famous brand

Front/rear overhang (mm)

Front: 1335, Rear: 2665

departure angle

Front: 20, Rear: 17


Leaf spring 9/7+7

Leaf spring

Front 9, back 7+7

Number of axles


Wheelbase (mm)


Number of tires


Wheel base (mm)


Drive type



4HK1-TC Isuzu 205 horsepower

Emission standard

Euro 5/6


leaf spring

Driving type

steering wheel, left-hand drive



Braking System

air brake

Spare tire rack









White cabin and blue compactor body




Compactor body material and thickness

T420 low alloy anti-corrosion and wear-resistant plate (manganese steel), side plate 5mm, bottom 5mm

Body shape

Curved box

Emergency stop button

Factory standard

Safety control system

Factory standard

Sewage tank


Tail electronic control device

Factory standard

Remarks: China famous brand hydraulic cylinder, high-density and high-pressure oil pipes, multi-way valves and gear pumps, three types of rear tilt devices for option.

Why choose ISUZU Garbage Rear Loader Trucks from POWERSTAR TRUCKS INDUSTRY CO., LIMITED?

Powerful and efficient engine: Isuzu FTR 4×2 Rear Loader Garbage Truck is equipped with a powerful and efficient diesel engine that provides exceptional performance and fuel efficiency, thereby reducing operational costs.

Large Capacity: With a large garbage box capacity of up to 12-16 cubic meters, this garbage truck can transport large volumes of waste, reducing the need for frequent trips to landfill sites.

Hydraulic System:The Isuzu garbage truck is equipped with a hydraulic system and balance valves, that facilitates easy lifting and dumping of waste into the garbage box.

Compression System: The truck also features a compression system that compresses the waste, thereby increasing the garbage box’s capacity and reducing the frequency of unloading.

Automatic Loading and Unloading System: Isuzu 4×2 Trash Compactor Truck features an automatic loading and unloading system, which improves efficiency and reduces the risk of injury to the workers.

Solid and Durable Construction: The truck is built with high-strength materials and designed for heavy-duty and rugged applications, ensuring longevity and durability.

Easy Maneuverability: The garbage truck’s big size and maneuverability make it easy to navigate through narrow streets and alleys, enabling garbage collection from areas where larger vehicles cannot reach.

Eco-friendly:The compression system improves garbage collection and transportation efficiency, reducing the number of trips required to transport waste to landfill sites. This feature results in lower fuel emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.

Operator Safety: ISUZU 4×2, 4x4, 6x4, 6x6 model Rear Loader Garbage Compactor Trucks equipped with CAN-BUS electric system, features a safety system that ensures that workers are safe during operation, reducing the risk of injury and accidents.




What is the advantage features for ISUZU FTR rear end loader garbage compactor truck?

1. The appearance of the compactor box is arc-shaped and linear, and the four-axis plate rolling machine forms the arc in one go, eliminating the risk of leakage. The box is simple and beautiful, has strong anti-deformation performance and good structural reliability. At the same time, it effectively increases the actual area, surpassing similar products. The material is high-strength manganese steel plate, which is not easy to deform, resistant to wear and corrosion.

2. The electrical system of the vehicle can achieve fully automatic control, ensuring that acceleration or idling can be selected during work or other conditions, reducing power loss and failure rates, reducing fuel consumption, and making it more stable and more stable.

3. The intelligent control system adopts imported CAN bus design and modular structure. Through the combination of proximity switch and oil pressure induction, an efficient, stable, and easy-to-maintain compression solution is achieved. It has three operating modes: manual, automatic, and semi-automatic. It can be operated inside the cab, at the front of the compactor box, and at the rear of the box. And remote control can be optionally installed according to customer needs.

4. It adopts the latest external cylinder structure and two-way compression technology, and uses China's first-class brand accessories to achieve a compression ratio of more than 1:2.5 and a single cycle of <20 seconds, doubling the garbage collection efficiency. Taking the customer's use environment into consideration to the greatest extent, the humanized design has many highlights, with night lights, double sewage tanks, drainage pipes, remote control, operation and maintenance manuals and videos.






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