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Isuzu street cleaner truck

Isuzu NPR road vacuum cleaner truck for sale
Isuzu NPR road vacuum cleaner truck for sale
Isuzu NPR road vacuum cleaner truck for sale
Isuzu NPR road vacuum cleaner truck for sale
Isuzu NPR road vacuum cleaner truck for sale
Isuzu NPR road vacuum cleaner truck for sale
Isuzu NPR road vacuum cleaner truck for sale

Isuzu street cleaner truck

Isuzu NPR freightliner sweeper truck is designed to clean the street or road. Isuzu sweeper lorry is designed and developed on the basis of the ISUZU npr light truck special vehicle chassis to meet needs of sweeping and cleaning urban pavement and curb. The principle of pure suction under negative pressure is adopted to guarantee strong suction force, dust-free working, simple operation, and excellent performance. It can quickly and efficiently sweep the household garbage and spilled objects in streets and roads. It is equipped with a dry-type dust discharge and control system to reduce fugitive dust during the process of dust discharge. Isuzu road sweeper can realize the real-time monitoring and efficient management on sweeping operation through the operation quality management system. It is typically used for the cleaning of pavement and curb of main roads, high-grade highways, expressways, large and medium-sized factories and mines, enterprise campus, parks, port terminals, etc.

  • Work capacity:

    6000+2000 Liters
  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

    190 hp
  • Engine type:

  • Axle drive:

  • Gear box:

    MLD 6-shift manual
  • Remarks:

    America CUMMINS 140HP auxiliary engine, Italy brand Motor and Valves

Road sweeper, developed by POWERSTAR company is a new generation of medium-sized and environmental protective vehicle, combined with suction type and road sweeping.It's mainly applied to city streets, municipal square, large-scale mechanized factory and so on, with high efficiency, advanced technical performance, good appearance. Equipped with 4 sweeping brush plate and 88pcs brushes, CUMMINS B140 33 model diesel engine with 140 hp; Italian motor; French control switch; Joint venture solenoid valve group; Maintenance-free self-separate clutch; Maintenance-free fan; Stainless steel water tank and dustbin; Rear LED arrow lights, manual pump for emergency system. For all Isuzu vacuum road sweeper cleaner trucks from us matched with English version Operation Manual, which can help customers better know how to usage and maintenance the Isuzu sweeper trucks.

Features for ISUZU NPR ELF 8CBM sweeper truck Isuzu street cleaner trucks:

1. Control box in cabin, centralized control of all electric system, convenient to operate. language can be customized as English, French, Russia, Arabic, etc.

2. Four sweeping plate with matched totally 88pcs sweeper brushes and suction nozzle working together for an excellent sweeping performance.

3. Both sides of sweeping brushes can work at the same time or only one side work dependently. In cabin electric control.

4. Stainless truck body system, including 2000liters water tank and 6000liters dust tank.

5. Originally imported hydraulic system key parts. Motor and Hydraulic valves.

6. Capacity: 2cbm, 4cbm, 5cbm, 5.5cbm, 6cbm, 7cbm, 8cbm, 10cbm. 12cbm, 18cbm, 22cbm

7. Road sweeper mounted on original Japanese ISUZU truck chassis NKR, NPR, NQR, FTR, FRR, FVR, GIGA.

Products Parameters

Newly designed ISUZU Road sweeper truck also called street sweeper truck, municipal vehicle, sweeping vehicle, street cleaner, sweeper cleaning truck, street cleaning vehicle.

Which is suitable for brushing, suction and transportation of dusts, leaves, mud, soil, sand, stone chips, gravels and other small particles on the ground of city roads and areas. This sweeper truck shall be suitable for dry type cleaning jobs as well as dust suppression with water spray in the road sides and narrow lanes. The Isuzu street sweeper truck is composted by chassis, auxiliary engine, air blower, magnetic valves, dustbin, water tanker, sweeping system, suction system, water sprinkling system, hydraulic system, electrical control system, etc. Isuzu street cleaner truck mounted with 4 brooms sweeping system and suction system combine working high efficient. Water sprinklers equipped on brooms ,suction nozzles, effective dust suppression.

ISUZU NPR ELF 700P Road Sweeper truck, Isuzu Street Cleaner Truck

Item No.


Overall Dimension

7150*2450*2760 mm

Drive model

4x2, new condition, LHD / RHD

Gross weight

10000 kg

Curb Weight

5250 kg

Wheel Base

3815 mm

Front/rear Overhang

1680/1650 mm

Front/rear Axle Capacity

4000 kg / 7000 kg




ISUZU ENGINE, 4HK1-TC, Diesel Engine, Four Stroke, 4 Cylinder in line.

Engine horsepower

190 HP 


5.193 L(Diesel)

Max Driving Speed

90 km/h

Gear Box

ISUZU MLD brand 6 Forward Gear, 1 Backward Gear


235/75R17.5,  6 pieces with 1 spare tire.

Upper part of the road sweeper truck


Garbage tank

Tank material

Stainless steel 304

Tank volume(cbm)

6.0 cbm

Water tank

Tank material

Stainless steel 304

Tank volume(cbm)

2.0 cbm

Auxiliary engine


CUMMINS Diesel Engine B140 33


103 kw, 140 HP



Imported Italian brand motor

Switch of operation


Imported French Schneider brand switch



4 pcs

Diameter of brush

850 mm

Working area(m)

3.0-3.5 m

Operation detail

Working speed

3-35 km/h

Working width

2.8-3.2 meters

Max. Operation ability

45000 m2/h

Max. Sucking dimension

100-120 mm

Sweeping rate


Brush extend dimension

400 mm

Hydraulic system


Electrical control type.

Pressure of hydraulic system

16 Mpa

Volume of the hydraulic oil tank

60 L

Temperature of hydraulic oil


Main part

Pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder and electromagnetic valve


1, With water sprayer-bar
2, Rear vacuum cleaner
3, Blower
4, Rear LED pilot lamp
5, Self unloading box body
6, The color will be designed on basis of your requirements.


What is the significant and influence for ISUZU NPR road sweeper trucks to Yemen, Dubai, Oman, etc.

The ISUZU NPR road sweeper is a vehicle specially designed for cleaning and maintenance in urban environments. This vehicle has important value and influence for the construction of the Yemen, Dubai and Oman.

1. First of all, the ISUZU NPR road sweeper can improve the cleanliness level of Yemen cities. As a developing country, Yemen often has a large amount of garbage, dust and debris in its cities, causing many problems to the urban environment. The ISUZU NPR street sweeper can efficiently clean garbage and dust on the road surface, making urban streets cleaner and more orderly. Through the daily operation and cleaning operations of sweepers, pollution and garbage accumulation can be reduced, and the living environment of urban residents can be improved.

2. Secondly, the ISUZU NPR road cleaner sweeper truck helps improve the air quality in Dubai cities. Accumulation of trash and dust can lead to air pollution and an increased risk of respiratory illnesses. Through timely sweeping and vacuuming, ISUZU NPR sweepers truck can effectively reduce the spread of dust and pollutants, improve the quality of urban air, and protect the health of residents.

3. In addition, the ISUZU road sweeper can also improve safety in Yemeni cities. Debris and garbage on the road not only pose safety hazards to pedestrians and vehicles, but may also lead to traffic accidents. The ISUZU NPR road sweeper can clear obstacles on the road, ensure smooth roads, and reduce the incidence of traffic accidents. Its efficient cleaning capacity and stable performance can provide good protection for road traffic in Oman cities.

4. In addition, the Isuzu road cleaning vacuum truck is also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It uses advanced cleaning and garbage disposal technology to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. This helps protect Yemen’s natural environment and resources and promote sustainable development.

To sum up, the ISUZU NPR road washing cleaning truck has important value and impact on the construction of the Yemen and Oman country. It can improve urban cleanliness, improve air quality, enhance road safety, and is also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Through the introduction and use of this vehicle, it can have a positive impact on the development of Yemen and Dubai cities and the quality of life of residents.








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