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Water spray truck ISUZU (also called  Isuzu Water Tank Sprinkler Truck, Japan water bowser, water tank lorry, mobile water truck, water carrying truck, truck mounted water tanker, Pressure Washer Bowsers ) are used to deliver potable drinking water and non potable water for dust control or any other specific use that non drinking water can be used for. Our tanks transport water that is dispensed through a pumping system either through a hose reel for delivery or through a series of spray heads and nozzles to spray the water in different directions.
Powerstar water tankers are available in steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, and can be constructed to haul drinking water and non drinking water each with their own specific and different types of pumping systems.
The water tanker volume can be from 2,000L to 35,000L.

Now, Customize your water tank exactly how you want! We offer a variety of components and features that can make your tank the safest and most efficient tank you own.

Water trucks isuzu elf 5,000L
 water bowser truck isuzu 5000L  Water Tanker Truck Isuzu

Water Bowser ISUZU




 Water Bowser Isuzu Philippines ISUZU water fire tanker trucks   water tanker truck isuzu 20000L

Water Fire Tanker ISUZU







Mongolia customer build Isuzu water trucks

Mongolia Isuzu 20,000L water bower spray trucks

ISUZU Water bowser truck is used for the road flushing, tree and lawn greening,etc,.

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Philippines Isuzu water tank truck for sale

Philippines Isuzu Water spray Tanker Trucks

Low price  Isuzu water tanker volume can be from 2,000L to 35,000L.

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Low price Isuzu Water Tank Trucks For Sale

Isuzu Water Trucks 5,000L

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