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ISUZU FTR FVR Oil tank truck or refueller or fuel tanker trucks is mainly suitable for transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives which include gasoline, diesel oil, crude oil, lubrication oil coal tar and more.


GIGA ISUZU Tractor Head trucks
    ISUZU GIGA water tanker trucks   

GIGA ISUZU Tractor Head

(6x4 420hp)


GIGA ISUZU Water Bowser


ISUZU FTR Gasoline Fuel Oil Tank Truck with Dispenser
 ISUZU Mobile Oil Tank Truck FTR Refuelling Petroleum Tanker Trucks  

ISUZU FTR Fuel Oil Tanker Trucks


ISUZU FTR Oil Tank Truck



ISUZU GIGA Fuel bowser



ISUZU FTR 15000L Truck Fuel Tank Oil Tankers Truck Fuel Tank Trucks For Sale

ISUZU NEW FTR Gasoline Fuel Tank Oil DieselTanker Trucks

20 Years experience Isuzu FTR Fuel Oil Tanker Truck/Fuel Bowser manufacturer‬, Factory direct sales, high quality &low price, truck customized.

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