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Isuzu Trucks mounted Crane (also called as Boom Truck crane, Truck mounted crane, Knuckle boom truck crane, Artculated boom crane, Truck loader crane, Isuzu Crane trucks, Folding boom truck mounted crane, Hydraulic truck crane, Self loader truck with crane, Straight Arm Isuzu Truck Mounted Crane, Knuckle Boom Truck Mounted Crane, Truck Mounted Crane, boom crane truck, lorry mounted crane, knuckle boom crane trucks, mobile crane trucks) is a high efficiency vehicle can be used in Construction work, Highway maintenance, Electrical work, Landscaping…


 Telescopic Boom Crane Isuzu crane trucks  Lorry truck mounted crane Isuzu trucks with crane  boom crane trucks Isuzu mobile crane trucks

Telescoping Truck Crane ISUZU

4Ton Crane 

  Lorry Mounted Crane ISUZU

5Ton Crane

Telescopic Boom Truck ISUZU

6.3Ton Crane 
 ISUZU Basket Crane Truck  Isuzu boom truck crane with unic crane  Isuzu Trucks mounted Crane Isuzu Crane trucks

ISUZU Manlifter Basket Crane Truck

3.2Ton Crane with basket

5Ton Crane

6.3Ton Crane

 ISUZU Truck with PALFINGER Boom crane  Military ISUZU 6x4 VC46/61 truck with 16t SANY Palfinger SPS40000 crane  ISUZU GIGA Cargo truck mounted palfinger SPS40000 Crane

 Isuzu Truck with Palfinger Crane

10Ton Palfinger Crane


Isuzu Crane Truck Palfinger SPS40000

(16 Ton Crane)

Isuzu Palfinger stiff boom crane trucks

(16 Ton Crane)

 ISUZU GIGA 12 Wheels truck with palfinger crane SPS25000    

Isuzu Giga Boom Crane Truck

( 10 Ton Palfinger Crane)

 Japan Isuzu Knuckle Boom Truck Mounted Crane  Folding boom crane truck Isuzu  Japan Isuzu brand Knuckle Boom Truck Mounted Crane
16 Ton Crane

 Palfinger cargo truck crane SPK23500  Breakdown recovery ISUZU FTR sliding platform wrecker truck with crane  
SPK23500 10Tons

 ISUZU Wrecker Truck with crane

5 Tons Crane

ISUZU Reliable / Efficient 16tons Straight Arm Truck Mounted Crane

Durable Isuzu 8*4 Mobile 16T Knuckle Boom Truck Mounted Crane

High quality Isuzu Hydraulic Lifting Telescopic Boom Truck Crane UNIC Mounted With 2270 kg Crane High quality Isuzu Truck Mounted Telescopic Boom Truck Crane 3955 kg For City Construction High quality Isuzu Transporting UNIC,HYVA Hydraulic Boom Truck Crane , 13.5meters Lifting Height Isuzu Mobile Telescoping Boom Truck Crane, 16T 80 L/min Oil Flow Isuzu UNIC,HYVA 12 Ton Loader Boom Truck Crane , 14.5m Lifting Height

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Japanese Isuzu Crane trucks with Hydraulic Hyva crane

Dubai Isuzu Crane trucks with Hydraulic Hyva crane

Isuzu Hydraulic 12 ton Cargo Lorry-Mounted Crane With Telescopic Boom High quality UNIC,HYVA Hydraulic Commercial Boom Truck Crane With 100 L/min,High quality Isuzu 10T Hydraulic Boom Truck Crane For Lifting And Transporting,High quality Isuzu Safety Telescoping Boom Truck Crane For Telecommunications Facilities,High quality Isuzu 8 Ton Transportation Telescopic Boom Truck Mounted Crane, Wire Rope High quality Isuzu Safety Transporting Telescopic Boom Truck Mounted Crane, 13m Height

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