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6HK1-TCNG40 177KW isuzu 16 ton trash compactor rubbish compactor garbage truck

Isuzu compress 10ton 12ton Compactor Rubbish truck


6HK1-TCNG40 177KW isuzu 16 ton trash compactor rubbish compactor garbage truck

6HK1-TCNG40 177KW isuzu 16 ton trash compactor rubbish compactor garbage truck

6HK1-TCNG40 177KW isuzu 16 ton trash compactor rubbish compactor garbage truck


Garbage Compress Truck

( Rear-loading Rubbish Compression Truck )  


The product has such features as large loading and delivering capacity, high-efficiency compression, large compressing force and sealed transport, which can reduce transport times and fuel-consumption. The all-sealed transport mode can also reduce and prevent secondary pollution of cities and roads caused by rubbish, stinks and sewage leakage. With its tail-gas emission up to the EUROPEAN  standard, the rubbish compression truck is safe and environment-friendly. It is applicable to the transport of domestic rubbish from places such as cities, large stations, ports and wharfs, airports as well as densely-populated areas like industrial and mining enterprises and military units.


l   The whole truck adopts the ISUZU FVR chassis equipped with the 6HK1 engine, which makes it elegant in shape, safe and reliable in performance and comfortable to drive.

l    The overall circular-arc outline of the truck hopper is eye-pleasing and elegant.       

l    The truck is well-known for its bidirectional compression mode, big compression proportion and large loading capacity.

l    Equipped with both remote-control and manual control systems, the truck is easy to drive, which guarantees and greatly improves safety at work.

l   The chemically and antiseptically treated steel plates together with the high-strength welding technology ensure a long service life.

l   The well-designed hydraulic system adopts whole sets of imported hydraulic parts, which ensures quick response, short work cycle, high work efficiency, easy operation and reliable performance.

l    The filling device has combined the functions of a skip bucket and a sealing device, which ensures easy operation and better appearance.

Parameters of the complete truck

Complete truck(L×W×H)



Truck bucket dischargeable volume



Volume of Jam Device



Max. total weight(Kg)



Volume of sewage tank



Discharge time(s)



Filling-mouth size



Filling-mouth height



Hydraulic pressure system

System pressure



Filling device one -time working cycle time



One-time discharge time




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