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ISUZU 4x4/AWD Trucks (also called as ISUZU 4x4 off road Truck, ISUZU all wheel drive truck, ISUZU Mini 4WD vehicle) including ISUZU 4X4 mini dump truck, ISUZU AWD tipper truck, ISUZU 4X4 Off road fuel oil tank truck, ISUZU AWD water trucks, ISUZU 4X4 boom crane trucks,it the latest ISUZU truck model, with best high performance engine and nice cabin, more and more popular show in the world.

2022 Brand New ISUZU Lega/100p/ELF 2/3ton Mine Used 4x4 wheeler mini dumpers Tipper truck  ISUZU NKR/600P 4x4 3ton dump truck off road chassis tipper
ISUZU NPR ELF 4×4 AWD Truck Mounted Crane

ISUZU ELF Mini dump truck

(4x4 2tons)

ISUZU Mini dump truck NPR 4X4 ISUZU 10tons FTR/FVR AWD off-road Dump tipper trucks

ISUZU mini dump truck NPR 4x4

(4x4 6tons)

ISUZU FVR/FTR Off road dump Tipper

(4x4 240hp)

ISUZU GIGA 10CBM Cement Mixer

(6x4 380hp)


 ISUZU NPR ELF Fuel Bowser Oil Tanker trucks 4x4  4WD ISUZU ELF NPR 700P 4x4 6000 liters off road Fuel Oil Tanker Truck  isuzu NKR/600P Aircraft fuel oil refueling tanker trucks

ISUZU ELF/700P Fuel Bowser

(4x4 4,000L)

ISUZU NPR 4x4 Fuel Oil Truck

(4x4 6,000L)

ISUZU Aircraft Refueling Trucks

(4x2 6,000L)

 ISUZU NPR/700P/ELF 4X4 all wheel drive Ambulance Hospital Rescue truck Patient Transport Vehicle for sale ISUZU ELF/NKR 100p 4X4 off road hook lift garbage trucks  

ISUZU NPR Ambulance 4x4

(4x4 190hp)

(4x4 3tons)

 ISUZU GIGA Water Tanker Truck



Customized ISUZU 100P/600P 4WD swing arm garbage truck for sale

ISUZU 600P 4×4 AWD skip loader truck at best price

Good price ISUZU 600P 4×4 off-road Skip Loader Trucks offered by POWERSTAR are suitable for collecting, transporting and disposing refuse.

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Custom-made ISUZU FTR 4×4 off-road waste compactor truck for Philippines

ISUZU FTR/FVR 4×4 AWD Garbage Compactor 12CBM 4WD Rear Loader

Best price ISUZU FTR 4×4 12CBM refuse compactor truck, customized ISUZU FTR 4WD rear loading garbage trucks, ISUZU AWD trucks supplier.

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Customized ISUZU 700P 190HP 4×4 troop carrier truck for sale

ISUZU 700P 4×4 soldier carrier truck 4WD passenger carrier truck for sale

Good price ISUZU 700P 4×4 AWD troop carrier truck, custom-made ISUZU 4WD passenger carrier truck for sale.

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Brand new ISUZU 600P 4WD rear loader 6CBM off-road garbage compactor

ISUZU 600P 130HP 4×4 rear loading garbage truck for sale

High quality ISUZU 600P 4×4 AWD rear loader refuse truck, new designed ISUZU NKR/600P 130HP 4WD back loading garbage trucks, ISUZU rubbish compactor manufacturer.

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Good price ISUZU 4×4 off-road 190HP trash compactor truck for export

ISUZU 700P 4×4 Waste Compactor 10CBM Rear Loader for sale

Best price ISUZU ELF 700P 4×4 AWD garbage compressor truck, customized ISUZU 4×4 190HP refuse compression trucks, ISUZU 4WD off-road rear load garbage truck manufacturer.

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Philippines ISUZU 4×4 AWD 8CBM waste compression truck for sale

ISUZU 700P 4WD Garbage Compactor 8CBM Refuse Compactor truck

Hot selling ISUZU ELF 700P 4×4 back loading garbage truck, good price ISUZU 4×4 8CBM waste compression trucks, ISUZU 4WD rear loader manufacturer.

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Best price ISUZU small 4WD back loading refuse compactor for Djibouti

Djibouti ISUZU 100P 4×4 rear loader 4CBM trash compactor for sale

Factory outlet ISUZU ELF 100P 4×4 AWD waste compactor truck, custom-made ISUZU off-road 4CBM rear loader refuse trucks, ISUZU 4×4 rubbish compactor manufacturer.

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Good price ISUZU 100P 4WD rear load garbage compactor for Philippines

Philippines ISUZU 98HP 4×4 AWD waste compactor 6CBM garbage compactor for sale

Good price ISUZU ELF 100P 4WD trash compactor truck, customized ISUZU all wheel drive 6CBM back loading garbage trucks, ISUZU 4×4 garbage compactor manufacturer.

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