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ISUZU FTR Truck Mounted Fuel Tank

ISUZU FTR mobile fuel truck for Dubai
ISUZU FTR mobile fuel truck for Dubai
ISUZU FTR mobile fuel truck for Dubai
ISUZU FTR mobile fuel truck for Dubai
ISUZU FTR mobile fuel truck for Dubai
ISUZU FTR mobile fuel truck for Dubai
ISUZU FTR mobile fuel truck for Dubai
ISUZU FTR mobile fuel truck for Dubai
ISUZU FTR mobile fuel truck for Dubai
ISUZU FTR mobile fuel truck for Dubai
ISUZU FTR mobile fuel truck for Dubai

ISUZU FTR Truck Mounted Fuel Tank

A oil tanker truck, also known as an oil transport truck, fuel tanker truck, is a vehicle designed specifically for transporting liquid petroleum. It is mainly used in oil fields, refineries, gas stations and other places to transport various oil products, such as gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil, etc.

  • Work capacity:

    15000 liters
  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

    205 HP
  • Engine type:

  • Axle drive:

  • Gear box:

    MLD 6-speed manual
  • Remarks:

    Large fuel tank capacity, 3 compartments for carrying different oil

Oil tank trucks usually consist of a tank body, chassis, piping system, fire protection system and other parts. The tank has a cylindrical design and is made of high-quality carbon steel plates or stainless steel plates with sufficient strength and corrosion resistance. The tank can be a single compartment or divided into multiple compartments, with a through hole at the lower end of the middle partition. A reinforced anti-wave plate is welded in the middle of each compartment to reduce the impact of the oil in the tank when the car is driving and to improve the rigidity of the tank. The chassis is from different brands and models according to different usage requirements. The pipeline system includes inlet and outlet pipelines, valves, filters, etc., which are used to control the inlet and outlet of oil products. The fire protection system is used to extinguish vehicle fires and deal with leaks in emergency situations.

The Isuzu FTR truck mounted fuel tank is a medium-sized tank truck designed and manufactured by POWERSTAR Company. It is mainly suitable for transporting diesel, gasoline, kerosene and other liquid substances. The vehicle is modified based on the Isuzu FTR chassis, with a tank volume of 15,000 liters. Isuzu FTR oil tanker truck has a compact design and solid structure. It is made of high-strength carbon steel and has good stability and safety. The vehicles are equipped with advanced safety systems and fire-fighting facilities to ensure safety during transportation. In addition, Isuzu FTR fuel tank truck also has excellent oil loading performance and can meet the needs of different users. This model is suitable for various road and climate conditions and can be transported in cities, rural areas, mountainous areas and other places.

Product Specifications

Product Name

ISUZU FTR oil fuel tanker

Vehicle Model


Chassis Brand


Drive Type

4x2, LHD

Fuel Type


Overall Dimensions

Dimensions (mm)


Wheel base (mm)


Weight in KGS

Curb Weight










4-stroke direct injection , 4-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooling

Horse Power(HP)


Displacement (ml)


Max. Torque (rpm)

650 N.m

Emission standard

Euro 5


ISUZU MLD, 6 forwards & 1 reverse

Front/rear axle (kg)


Fuel tank (L)



11.00R20, 6 pcs + 1 spare 

Number of axles



Dual circuit compressed air brake

Fuel Tank Specifications

Tank Volume

15000 liters


Q235 carbon steel



Tank Shape




Medium and density

Petrol or disel 700 kg/cbm -850 kg/cbm

Fuel Pump

China famous brand

Pump Model



60 m3/h


0.6 Mpa


Advantages of Isuzu FTR fuel tanker truck:

1. Strong carrying capacity: Isuzu FTR truck mounted fuel tank is built on the basis of Isuzu chassis. It adopts reinforced beams with strong load-bearing capacity and is equipped with an Isuzu engine with strong power.

2. High-quality steel: The Isuzu FTR fuel tanker body is made of high-strength high-quality steel, which has high tensile strength and yield point, ensuring the durability and safety of the tank.

3. Advanced welding technology: Isuzu FTR oil transport truck is welded with advanced welding technology, using automatic welding robots to ensure the quality and strength of each weld. This welding process can ensure the sealing and structural strength of the tank.

4. Anti-corrosion treatment inside and outside: During the manufacturing process of Isuzu FTR diesel fuel truck, anti-corrosion treatment is carried out inside and outside the tank. Special anti-corrosion coatings and anti-rust materials are used to effectively prevent corrosion and rust. This anti-corrosion treatment can extend the service life of the tank.

5. Precision accessories: Isuzu FTR diesel tank trucks are equipped with many precision accessories, such as valves, filters, flow meters, etc. These accessories have been precision processed and quality tested to ensure their working performance and service life.

6. Strict quality inspection: During the manufacturing process, Isuzu FTR fuel bowser undergo multiple quality inspection procedures, including material inspection, welding inspection, dimensional inspection, pressure testing, etc., to ensure the quality and safety of each vehicle.



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