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ISUZU GIGA Rotator Wrecker Truck

ISUZU GIGA 50 ton rotator towing truck for sale
ISUZU GIGA 50 ton rotator towing truck for sale
ISUZU GIGA 50 ton rotator towing truck for sale
ISUZU GIGA 50 ton rotator towing truck for sale
ISUZU GIGA 50 ton rotator towing truck for sale
ISUZU GIGA 50 ton rotator towing truck for sale
ISUZU GIGA 50 ton rotator towing truck for sale
ISUZU GIGA 50 ton rotator towing truck for sale
ISUZU GIGA 50 ton rotator towing truck for sale
ISUZU GIGA 50 ton rotator towing truck for sale

ISUZU GIGA Rotator Wrecker Truck

The Isuzu rotary tow truck is a specially designed road rescue vehicle, mainly used for rapid clearing and rescue of road traffic obstacles. It combines the functions of pulling, lifting and rotating, and can handle various types of vehicle failures and accidents in a short time and restore the road traffic capacity.

  • Work capacity:

    43 ton
  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

    420 HP
  • Engine type:

  • Axle drive:

  • Gear box:

    FAST 12-speed, manual
  • Remarks:

    ISUZU 42 ton GVW chassis, equipped with 360° rotating boom

The Isuzu Rotary Wrecker is a specially designed road rescue vehicle that can be used to quickly clean up and rescue broken down or accident vehicles on the road. It removes obstacles by rotating and lifting, and is equipped with a powerful traction device, a height-adjustable lifting device and a flexible rotating base. Such vehicles are usually made of high-strength materials and equipped with LED work lights to operate at night or in low-light conditions. They have efficient working methods and strong load capacity, and are widely used in road rescue services.

The Isuzu rotator wrecker truck is equipped with a 360° rotating variable-amplitude boom to lift the damaged vehicle from one end (or one side) or the entire vehicle and straighten it for easy lifting. The Isuzu rotator can also use the swing, telescoping, and luffing of the boom to tow or hoist the accident vehicle from the roadbed and the area near the roadbed to the road surface and straighten it.

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The lifting function is the most important function of the Isuzu rotary tow truck. It uses the telescopic, lifting, folding and other movements of the supporting arm to lift the damaged vehicle from the front or rear, and then tow the entire vehicle away from the scene. The brackets of Isuzu tow trucks have various structural forms. They can generally lift the axles, wheels, leaf springs, frames, etc. of the accident vehicle and are easy to assemble and disassemble.

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The Isuzu rotator tow truck is also equipped with a support mechanism. The support mechanism includes front legs and rear legs. Complex rescues often require lateral lifting and towing operations with a boom. The support mechanism greatly improves the overturning resistance of the tow truck when it is lifted sideways.

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Product Specifications

Vehicle Parameters

Vehicle Model


Overall Dimension (L x W x H)


Curb Weight

23500 Kg


42000 Kg


1850+4575+1300 mm

Drive Type



Engine Model


Cylinder No.


Engine Power


Delivery Capacity

15681 (ml)


420 PS



Emission standard

Euro 6




Forward Gear

12 Speed Gear

Reverse Gear

2 Speed Gear


Front Seat


Front Wheel Tread

1960  mm

Rear Wheel Tread


Front/rear overhang


Approach/departure angle (°)


Max. speed(km/h)




Four axles

Front/Rear Axle Load



13(Including Spare Tire)

Tire Model:


Max Towing(kg)


Under lifting

Lifting Capability (kg)

25000 kg

Max capacity of lifting @all extend (kg)


Lifting Rate at a standstill (kg)


Length of working arm (mm)


Arm reach (mm)


Min angle (up )(°)


Min angle (down ) (°)


Move angle (°)


Ground clearance of upper surface of cross arm when fully retracted (mm)


Boom system

Lifting Capability (kg)


Max capacity of lifting @all extend (kg)


Lifting height (mm)


Cylinder stroke


Move angle (°)


Rotator (°)





Rate of pull(Kn)


Rope diameter(mm)


Rope length(m)


Mini Speed of rope(M/min)





Support force (Kn)



Hydraulic system of ISUZU rotator wrecker truck:

The Isuzu rotary tow truck is fully hydraulically driven and integrates multiple functions such as lifting, carrying, towing, and pulling.

♦ Hydraulic oil pipe

The hydraulic oil pipe is made of high-pressure galvanized steel pipe, which has strong pressure resistance, good heat dissipation performance, beautiful appearance and durability, and its service life can be synchronized with the upper body;

The hydraulic pipe joints adopt imported ferrule-type rigid connectors (Germany), which greatly reduce the phenomenon of oil leakage and oil leakage at the interface, and the service life can also be synchronized with the upper body.

♦ Directional valve

Imported multi-way reversing valves (Italy) are used and the installation method is optimized to ensure that the multi-way reversing valves can operate safely under various extreme conditions of use;

♦ Hydraulic cylinder

The inner wall of the cylinder is bored and rolled. The inner wall of the cylinder is hard, wear-resistant and smooth, and fully protects the seals;

The piston rod (solid) undergoes heat treatment process, has high hardness and thick chrome plating, and can easily handle high-intensity operations;

Comprehensively use imported sealing components, and adjust each sealing combination according to different cylinder structures in order to achieve the most perfect state of the cylinder;

The piston support ring is made of imported materials that are resistant to high temperatures and wear. The design requires the use of double support rings or a large-area single support ring structure.
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