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Isuzu heavy duty rear loader

Isuzu heavy duty rear loader garbage truck
Isuzu heavy duty rear loader garbage truck
Isuzu heavy duty rear loader garbage truck
Isuzu heavy duty rear loader garbage truck
Isuzu heavy duty rear loader garbage truck
Isuzu heavy duty rear loader garbage truck
Isuzu heavy duty rear loader garbage truck
Isuzu heavy duty rear loader garbage truck
Isuzu heavy duty rear loader garbage truck
Isuzu heavy duty rear loader garbage truck

Isuzu heavy duty rear loader

Isuzu Heavy Duty Rear Loader is a robust and powerful waste collection truck designed to handle and dispose of large amounts of waste efficiently. With its exceptional durability and performance, this rear loader is trusted by waste management companies worldwide.

The Isuzu Heavy Duty Rear Loader features a sturdy and solid construction, allowing it to withstand heavy loads and challenging terrains. Its chassis frame is reinforced with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and stability even in the most demanding working conditions. This truck is equipped with a rear loading mechanism that simplifies the waste collection process, making it quick and efficient.

  • Work capacity:

    20 CBM
  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

    380 HP
  • Engine type:

  • Axle drive:

  • Gear box:

    Fast 9JS/ZF 16 shift
  • Remarks:

    420Hp, 460 Hp engine avaiable.

Isuzu heavy duty rear loader is a highly efficient and advanced waste collection vehicle designed specifically for heavy-duty tasks. With a maximum load capacity of [insert relevant information], it is capable of collecting and transporting large volumes of waste materials safely and effectively.

This rear loader is equipped with innovative features and technologies, making it a reliable and high-performing machine. Its powerful engine ensures smooth and reliable operation, allowing it to handle challenging terrains and heavy loads with ease. The vehicle's sturdy chassis and suspension system provide excellent stability and control, ensuring safe handling even in demanding conditions.

Isuzu heavy duty rear loader is also designed with safety in mind. It is equipped with advanced safety features, such as rearview cameras and proximity sensors, to aid the driver in maneuvering the vehicle and avoid accidents. Additionally, the vehicle's braking system is optimized for enhanced stopping power, ensuring better control and preventing potential hazards.

To ensure maximum productivity and minimize downtime, Isuzu heavy duty rear loader is built with durability and ease of maintenance in mind. It incorporates robust materials and components, enhancing its longevity and reducing the need for frequent repairs. Furthermore, the vehicle's accessible design and quick-change features allow for efficient servicing and maintenance, minimizing operational disruptions.

Using waste compactor trucks to transport garbage can reduce environmental pollution and reduce the work intensity of cleaning workers. Its operation process is fully automatic, and most of the operation process can be completed through computer control, which greatly improves work efficiency and accuracy.

The ISUZU rear loading garbage truck produced by POWERSTAR TRUCKS adopts advanced computer-controlled automatic operating devices, which have a high degree of automation and have been widely praised by customers. The design concept of this kind of garbage truck is to target the minimum environmental impact, the highest work efficiency, and the most convenient operation method, providing strong support for the city's cleaning work.


The loading, compression and unloading of garbage in compressed garbage trucks are driven by a hydraulic system and completed by a special mechanism. The power of the truck engine is transmitted to the gear pump through the power take-off and the transmission shaft, and the gear pump rotates to generate high-pressure oil. By operating the relevant control switches on the multi-way reversing valve, the hydraulic oil causes the relevant cylinders to work, thereby driving the relevant mechanisms to complete the work of loading, compressing and dumping garbage.

Product specifications


Specifications                            ISUZU VC46 GARBAGE TRUCK                          


QL1250UTCZY  Driving type: 6*4 left hand driving



Diesel 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine, electronic control

Engine model:6UZ1-TCG60, Euro V emission standard 

6-cylinder in-line with water cooled, turbo-charging and intercooler

Maximum output: 350HP-380HP/257KW-279KW

Maximum torque: 1450 Nm

Displacement: 9.8 L


FAST 9JS150TA-B, 9 forwards and 1 reverse,manual

Ratio:12.65   8.38   6.22  4.57   3.40  2.46   1.83   1.34  1   13.22 (R) 

Front Axle

ISUZU F075, 7.5 Ton loading Capacity

Rear Axle

ISUZU RT210,21 Ton loading capacity,speed ratio 5.571


Frame: U-profile parallel ladder frame and reinforced subframe with size 320×90×8 MM

Front suspension:12 semi-elliptic leaf spring

Rear suspension:12  semi-elliptic lea spring

Aluminium fuel tank: 400 L capacity with locking fuel cap, fitted to the off side of the chassis


Power steering,  hydraulic steering with power assitance


Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brake

Parking brake (emergency brake): spring energy, compressed air operating on front shaft and rear wheels



Wheels & Tyres

Tire: 11 pcs 11.00-20

Option:11.00R20, 295/80R22.5

Driver's Cab

ISUZU Flat roof cab, with two seats, 1 bed, A/C, electric glass, central lock


Operating voltage: 24 V, negative grounded 


Starter: 24 V, 5.4 Kw


Alternator: 3-phase, 28 V, 1500 W 


Batteries: 2 x 12 V, 165 Ah


Cigar-lighter, horn, headlamps, fog lights, brake lights, indicators and reverse light

Dimensions  mm

Wheel base

4605+1300 MM

Overall length

9850 MM

Overall width

2500 MM

Overall height 

3500 MM

Weight  kg

Dead weight

14600 KG

Rated Loading Capacity

13900 KG

Gross vehicle weight(GVW)

28500 KG

Front axle loading capacity

7500  KG

Rear axle loading capacity

21000 KG

Compactor Body

Volume of body(m3)  


Volume of filler(m3)


Time of one filling cycle(s) 


Lifting time of filler (s)   


Time of discharge (s)    


Pressure of fluid system (Mpa)    


Front/rear sewage capacity (L) 


Max compression force (kg)



Isuzu heavy duty rear loader is a heavy duty rear loader. Its main uses are as follows:

1. Garbage collection: This heavy-duty rear loader is suitable for garbage collection in urban and industrial areas. It has strong loading capacity and efficient unloading system, which can collect and transport large amounts of garbage quickly and effectively. It is also equipped with a highly flexible control system that allows the operator to drive and complete collection tasks with ease.
2. Waste Disposal: The Isuzu heavy-duty rear loader can also be used in waste disposal sites. It is capable of moving different types of waste from storage areas to treatment facilities where they can be sorted, compressed and processed. Its strong load-carrying capacity and excellent stability enable it to handle large amounts of waste and ensures that no leakage or contamination occurs during transportation.
3. Construction waste removal: A large amount of construction waste is often generated at a construction site or after a demolition project is completed. Isuzu heavy-duty rear loaders can be used to remove and transport this construction debris. Its powerful driving force and durable design enable it to handle heavy and bulky construction waste and ensure safe and stable removal and transportation to designated locations.
4. Agricultural and horticultural waste disposal: In addition, Isuzu heavy-duty rear loader can also be used for agricultural and horticultural waste disposal. On a farm or in a garden, there is often a need to clear branches, grass cuttings and other agricultural waste in a timely manner. This heavy-duty mechanical equipment can quickly and efficiently load and transport these waste materials to designated locations for processing, reducing the time and workload of manual cleanup.
Overall, Isuzu heavy-duty rear loaders are widely used in areas such as garbage collection, waste disposal, construction waste removal, and agricultural and horticultural waste disposal due to their excellent performance and functionality.

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