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Nigeria Isuzu recycling rear loader

Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader
Isuzu FVR recycling rear loader

Nigeria Isuzu recycling rear loader

The Isuzu heavy truck FVR rear loader compactor truck is a heavy-duty vehicle specially designed for garbage treatment and management. Its chassis adopts the latest 6H1 series common rail engine, which has achieved significant improvements in fuel efficiency, power, durability and emissions. It is also equipped with a new cab, 8-speed gearbox, air conditioning, power steering, air brakes, ABS, standard  11.00R-20 tires, electric doors and windows, and central locking. The garbage compartment has a volume of 10 cubic meters. The hydraulic operating system is electrically controlled and manually controlled. It has a rear flip mechanism and can hang two 240L plastic barrels. It has a pneumatic sealing cover and two sewage tanks at the front and rear.

  • Work capacity:

  • Truck model:

  • Engine power:

  • Engine type:

  • Axle drive:

    4x2, left hand drive
  • Gear box:

    Fast 8-speed, 1 reverse speed
  • Remarks:

    Best price Isuzu rear loader comapctor, 4x4 driver optional
   Products Description

Nigeria Isuzu recycling rear loader also called Isuzu garbage compactor truck, Isuzu rear loader compactor,Isuzu waste compactor truck, Isuzu trash compactor, Isuzu trash crusher truck,Isuzu refuse compactor truck, Isuzu compactor garbage truck, Isuzu rubbish truck, Isuzu waste collection vehicle. The Nigeria Isuzu recycling rear loader is an efficient and reliable garbage disposal equipment, specially designed for urban garbage collection and treatment work. The Isuzu garbage compactor trucks use devices such as fillers and push shovels to pour, crush or flatten garbage, and load the garbage. The garbage is squeezed into the compartment and compacted and pushed away, and all sewage enters the sewage compartment. The vehicle has automatic repeated compression and peristaltic compression functions. It has the advantages of high compression ratio, good sealing, large loading capacity, easy operation, good environmental protection, and high vehicle utilization.


I. Description of Nigeria Isuzu Recycling Rear Loader

isuzu FVR rear loader compactor

Key Features:

---- ISUZU chassis, perfect performance

---- ISUZU FVR engine, super powerful; reliable performance, no overhaul within 100,000 km.

---- Compression body capacity from 3 to 30 Cublic Meter.

---- Easy operation and easy maintenance.

---- Steady construction,Optional 400L Sewage tank avoid second pollution.



   Technical Parameter


II. Specification of Nigeria Isuzu FVR 4x2 10cbm Recycling Rear Loader

Truck Specification

Vehicle Model



ISUZU FVR cab, one and a half row seats, with USB connector radio

Driving Type

4*2 Left hand driving

Max Speed (km/h)


Overall Dimension (mm)

Appro. 8600mm * 2500mm * 3300mm

GVW (kg)


Truck Tare Weight (kg)


Wheelbase (mm)


F/R Track Base (mm)


F/R Overhang (mm)


Approach/Departure Angel (°)





Single-plate dry diaphragm spring clutch


Hydraulic steering with power assistance

Gear Box

Fast 8-speed, 1 reverse speed


Front Axle (kg)


Rear Axle (kg)





Fuel Type

Diesel fuel

Emission Standard

Europe Vi


Water-cooled four-stroke, direct injection, turbocharged

Output Power (kw)




Max output power/rotate speed (hp /rpm )


Max torque/max torque speed (N.m/rpm)


Braking System

Service Brake

Compressed air brake

Park Brake

Spring energy

Auxiliary Brake

Engine exhaust brake

Electrical System


Upper-Body Specification






Thickness (side/bottom)


Hydraulic Pump

532 model

1 set

Multi-way Valve   


1 set

Flap Cylinder


2 set

Lifting Cylinder


2 set

Scraper Cylinder


2 set

Skateboard Cylinder


2 set

Push plate Cylinder


1 set

The Electromagnetic Valve


2 set

Dirty Tank Volume 


Filler Volume


Filing Time


Filling Cycle Time

50-60s each time

Discharge Type

Flat-pushing and Dumping

Dumping Time


Hydraulic Pressure


Controlling Way

Manually and electrical control 

1. We supply various series of Isuzu special vehicles, such as: 100P, 600P, 700P, KV100/600/800, M100/600, FTR, FVR, FVZ, NPR, ELF, VC66 levels, etc. all available.

2. The drive type could be 4x2 , 4x4 , 6x2 , 6x4 , 6x6 , 8x4 ,8x6

3. We can provide LHD (left hand drive) or RHD (right hand drive) vehicles.

4. Be designed according to your requirement .

5. Small order can be accepted.

6. We accept 100% inspection, welcome to our factory at any time.

7. 12 month quality guarantee term,


III. Details of Nigeria Isuzu FVR Recycling Rear Loader

Nigeria Isuzu recycling rear loader photos for reference

The Isuzu FVR 10cbm compactor garbage truck produced by powerstar company is an efficient and environmentally friendly garbage disposal equipment, which is widely used in the field of urban garbage collection and transportation. This waste compactor truck has a loading capacity of 10 cubic meters and can collect a large amount of garbage at one time, effectively improving garbage collection efficiency.

Isuzu FVR garbage compactor

Technical drawing:

isuzu waste compactor

What are the features of this compactor garbage truck?

◆ First of all, this compressed garbage truck has a loading capacity of 10 cubic meters. Its unique compression technology allows the garbage to be efficiently compressed and reduced in volume, thereby increasing the amount of garbage transported in a single time. This not only reduces the number of transportation times and transportation costs, but also effectively relieves the pressure on urban garbage disposal.

◆ In terms of detailed design, the FVR10 cubic compactor garbage truck shows a high degree of ingenuity. The body is made of high-strength steel, with a solid structure and high durability, and can easily cope with various harsh environments and complex road conditions. At the same time, the interior of the carriage adopts an all-metal sealed structure, which effectively prevents the scattering of garbage and the spread of odors, ensuring environmental hygiene during garbage disposal.

◆ In addition, the garbage truck is equipped with an intelligent control system, making operation easy and intuitive. The driver can complete the process of garbage loading, compression and transportation through one-click operation, which greatly improves work efficiency. At the same time, the system also has a fault self-diagnosis function, which can detect and deal with potential problems in time to ensure the stable operation of the garbage truck.

◆ In terms of environmental performance, the FVR10 cubic compression garbage truck also performs well. It adopts a closed garbage collection method, which effectively avoids the scattering and contamination of garbage during transportation. At the same time, the vehicle is also equipped with an exhaust gas treatment device, which reduces the impact of exhaust emissions on the environment and achieves green and environmentally friendly garbage disposal.

◆ Safety performance is also a highlight of this garbage truck. It is equipped with a number of safety devices, such as reversing radar, anti-lock braking system, etc., which effectively improves driving safety. In addition, the vehicle also adopts an anti-skid design to ensure the driver's driving safety in adverse weather conditions.

 isuzu FVR rubbish compactor

Isuzu FVR rear loader compactor in our plant

isuzu garbage compactor

Isuzu FVR 4x2 10cbm garbage compactor truck for sale 


This FVR10 cubic compression garbage truck is designed to be flexible and comprehensive, and can collect many types of garbage. Here are some of the main types of garbage it can collect:

1. Domestic garbage: This is the most common collection object of the FVR10 cubic compression garbage truck. Domestic waste includes various wastes generated daily by households, such as food residues, paper, plastic packaging, glass, metal, etc.

2. Construction waste: This garbage truck can also efficiently collect waste generated during construction projects, such as waste bricks, concrete fragments, waste wood, plastic pipes, etc.

3. Garden waste: including tree branches, leaves, lawn trimmings and other garden waste, which can be effectively processed through the compression function of the garbage truck.

4. Industrial waste: Some non-hazardous industrial waste, such as waste paper, waste plastic, scrap metal, etc., can also be collected by the FVR 10 cubic meter compressed garbage truck.

5. Commercial waste: This garbage truck is also suitable for waste generated in commercial places such as shops and restaurants, such as food packaging, paper products, plastic products, etc.

6. Special garbage: According to specific needs, the FVR 10 cubic meter compressed garbage truck can also be customized to adapt to the collection of specific types of garbage, such as medical waste (non-infectious), recyclables, etc.

It should be noted that although the FVR10 cubic compression garbage truck can collect many types of garbage, for hazardous waste and toxic substances, due to their special processing requirements and possible environmental risks, specialized hazardous waste treatment equipment should be used. Collected and processed to ensure safety and environmental protection.

In addition, in order to ensure that the garbage truck can fully exert its performance, different types of garbage may require different operating methods and techniques during the collection and processing process. Therefore, operators need to understand and abide by relevant operating regulations and precautions when using this garbage truck to ensure the efficiency and safety of garbage disposal.

isuzu FVR waste compactor Isuzu FVR compactor garbage truck export to Nigeria


   Our Advantage

Nigeria isuzu recycling rear loader details

isuzu garbage compactor truck

   Nigeria isuzu recycling rear loader departure in batches

isuzu FVR rubbish comapctor truck

isuzu FVR rubbish comapctor truck

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